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March 10, 2023, 07:24 PM
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If you want a story that shows just Indian immigration is affecting American politics, look at Virginia’s recent Battle of the Indian Stars. An Indian leftist in the Virginia Senate blocked the appointment of an Indian conservative to the Virginia Board of Education. And frighteningly enough, the Indian conservative has more respect for America’s founders than the lily-white daughter of a former Republican governor. Yet the story symbolizes just what’s become of American politics. Indian immigrants are exercising more control every day.

GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin nominated Indian immigrant Suparna Dutta to the board of education. But because she doesn’t like socialism and does like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, the work of a bunch of white guys, the Democrat-controlled Virginia Senate killed her nomination.

Yet a woke black or white leftist didn’t introduce the measure to deep-six Dutta’s nomination. Another Indian immigrant did: Ghazala Hashmi, who was born in Hyderabad. Amusingly, Hashmi claimed Dutta, appointed in July, was linked to “white supremacist groups.”

Breitbart’s Spencer Lindquist explained:

The amendment to strip Dutta of her nomination comes after a tense discussion at last week’s board meeting, where she stated that socialism and communism are “incompatible with democracy and individual freedoms” and that the “Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are remarkable documents.”

Board member Anne Holton stated that she was “uncomfortable” with Dutta’s statements. “You cannot reference the Declaration of Independence and Constitution as remarkable documents without also acknowledging that they contain fundamental flaws of enshrining slavery and limiting the protections that they provided for only to white, propertied men,” she added.

While Holton agreed that communism is not compatible with democracy, she contended that “plenty of governments” call themselves social democratic governments. She went on to ask “So is socialism compatible with democracy?” before adding. “That would be a great debate to have in a 12th grade government civics class.”

Dutta, who stated that “I think socialism is just as bad as communism,” was branded a “far-right extremist” by the Virginia Grassroots Coalition, a leftist advocacy group that started a campaign to block her confirmation.

[Virginia Education Board Member Denied Confirmation After Criticizing Socialism, February 8, 2023]

Ann Holton is married to Democrat Senator Tim Kaine, who became a comsymp in college when he visited Honduras and fell in with a communist Catholic priest. Her father was Linwood Holton, Virginia’s GOP governor from 1970 to 1974.

What the late governor would think of his daughter’s view of history we cannot know, but leftist Wikipedia offers this trivia:

In 1970, when desegregation was an issue in Virginia, Holton voluntarily placed his children, including future First Lady Anne Holton, in the mostly-black Richmond Public Schools, garnering much publicity.

Maybe the former first lady of Virginia—Tim Kaine was also governor, 2006-2010—came by her anti-white hatred of America’s past views in school.

Anyway, the sacking of one Indian at the behest of another—neither of whom should be in the country and one of whom serves in the oldest legislature in the Western Hemisphere—shows just how infectious the Indian CEO virus has become.

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