Biden’s Incapacity Nothing New, And CERTAINLY Not A "Conspiracy Theory"
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Here’s something written earlier on

Even more culpable than the Democrats in the ongoing humiliation and abuse of the real Joe Biden is his wife and ne’er-do-well son. If the Bidens loved their husband and father, they would not allow this to happen to him. How can we not see this situation for what it is? This is Weekend at Bernie’s. Do “Biden” supporters really not see that every public appearance is stage-managed, that “Biden” uses teleprompters for short interviews? How can they look past the senility which worsens each day? Why are there zero journalists willing to look into this?

This is orders of magnitude more sinister than the journalistic veil of silence regarding Hillary Clinton’s collapse in the 2016 campaign, President Roosevelt’s physical incapacity, Woodrow Wilson’s stroke, and even President Kennedy’s serious health issues.

Just as we are in so many other respects, the American Nation is adrift in uncharted waters. If the Enemy can get away with this, there appears to be no limit to what it can accomplish.

That’s something that was written by Neil Kumar on September 20, 2020, 1,376 days ago. Biden was already failing then.

Kumar suggested that Biden would step aside and let Kamala Harris assume the Presidency, which hasn’t happened yet, although it will have to happen if Biden/Harris are reelected—Biden himself will be lucky to make to the next Inauguration as a plausible president, and would almost certainly die in office.

We published that, we also suggested you see also these two articles about the woman Trump referred to as ”Sick Hillary” because she would have serious coughing fits in public, and that was before she totally collapsed on the street during a campaign event.:

Hillary has actually survived eight years in semiretirement since then (she’s only 76) although she’s not as healthy as she appears in the photoshopped cover of her recent book:

The Washington Free Beacon, which provided the ”context” photo above, calls her book cover ”misinformation.”

Speaking of ”misinformation,” any ill health in the President of the United States is almost always concealed from the public, frequently with the help of the media, in spite of the fact that people like Charles Gasparino think it’s impossible or unprecedented.

"Feelgood"  was his Secret Service code name.At the time of Hillary’s illness, some people mentioned John F. Kennedy’s steroid and painkiller use (caused by wartime injuries) and other illnesses which were kept from the public. People are asking whether Trump can be trusted with the nuclear codes, but JFK’s Cuban Missile Crisis almost blew up the world, and Ron Unz has recently reported that the Kennedy Administration had serious discussions of a nuclear first strike.

The Dying PresidentFranklin Delano Roosevelt was dying as he was ”running”—he didn’t leave the White House much—for his unprecedented 1944 fourth term. As a result, the American people didn’t get FDR as President, but his unknown V.P., Harry Truman. He did drop the nuclear bomb—which I think is a good thing—but the point is that as a result of the White House/Media coverup of FDR’s health problems,  Truman rather than Dewey became President, with long-term consequences for the U.S. and the world.

FDR was a wheelchair bound cripple for his time in office, that was concealed from the public, too.

 Woodrow Wilson had a stroke in 1919, which made him temporarily unable to speak or work. His wife, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, would go into his bedroom, and come out and say ”The President says...” In effect, she was the first woman President (a 2003 book called her The Unintended President) because it was her decisions that were secretly running the country.

These are all things that we know now, as definite historical facts, but were concealed from the public by the White House and the media at the time.

There are other cases, some we don’t know about. Here’s one unfamiliar to most people—in 1893, Grover Cleveland had surgery for oral cancer, in secret, on the Presidential Yacht:

NPR says the reason for the secrecy was to avoid market panic in an already dicey economy:

In the summer of 1893, President Grover Cleveland disappeared for four days to have secret surgery on a yacht. It was the beginning of his second term as president and the country was entering a depression, a delicate time in which a president’s health was inextricably linked to that of the nation. So Cleveland decided to keep the surgery a secret—and so it stayed for years.

That’s from 2011, when NPR interviewed the author of a book called The President Is a Sick Man: Wherein the Supposedly Virtuous Grover Cleveland Survives a Secret Surgery at Sea and Vilifies the Courageous Newspaperman Who Dared Expose the Truth.

From the summary of that book:

When an enterprising reporter named E. J. Edwards exposed the secret operation, Cleveland denied it and Edwards was consequently dismissed as a disgrace to journalism. Twenty-four years later, one of the president’s doctors finally revealed the incredible truth, but many Americans simply would not believe it. After all, Grover Cleveland’s political career was built upon honesty—his most memorable quote was ”Tell the truth”—so it was nearly impossible to believe he was involved in such a brazen cover-up. This is the first full account of the disappearance of Grover Cleveland during that summer more than a century ago.

So if you are being called a conspiracy theorist for believing that Biden is failing, and had to have drugs to function at all, ignore it. White House staffers have been covering up Presidential illnesses for more than a hundred years.

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