Online Donation Is Back!
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Quick update on the December 2023 cyberattacks against 

1. Readers may notice some recently implemented changes on our website. Most notably, a new donation page. Donations via credit card and ACH are reopened, but earmarked and recurring donations are still unavailable online. If you would like to earmark your donation please give me a call to donate over the phone, or send a check with your earmark included in the memo line. Our goal is complete resurrection of our donation page with all the previous features and information, but I don't have a timeline on that yet. 

2. There are new captchas on all submit forms. Our old captchas (several versions of them) not only thwarted and enraged many of you, but also failed to thwart the sophisticated bots that took down our emails and donation pages. We hope these are more helpful on both fronts. 

More updates as they come. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we try to recover.

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