Patriotic Hispanics
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In March, I spent a few days at King's Beach on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Within my first hour, it was obvious that the hamlet of 5,000 people had been overwhelmed with Hispanics.

And sure enough, the census data confirmed my suspicions: the Hispanic population of King's Beach is now nearly 50%.

Wherever you go around Lake Tahoe—at the lake, in the casinos, on the streets—Mexican influence dominates.

Once again, I heard the old explanation: Mexicans are drawn to Lake Tahoe by the booming construction trade and the gaming expansion.

In reply, I pointed out that Americans are willing, as we always have been, to build houses, deal cards and wait tables at plush hotels.

But as I considered the exploding numbers of Mexicans nationwide—so many of them illegal aliens—one thought kept returning to me.

Logically, the guy crossing the US-Mexico border at this very instant is the same guy who should go directly to an Internet café, log onto to demand that illegal immigration end. That most recently arrived alien is the one who will have to slug it out for scarce jobs or dwindling social services. He doesn't need more competition.

The next best thing to slam the brakes on the growing Mexican invasion: Hispanics whose allegiance is to the United States get up front and vocal.

And, happily, there are indeed a growing number of furious Hispanics who devote hours on end to fighting illegal immigration. Among them are

  Lupe Moreno, Chair, Orange County Republican National Hispanic Assembly and her sister Angie Morfin, Chair, Monterey County Republican Hispanic Assembly.

In April 2003, the sisters drove 450 miles to Sacramento to go head-to-head with State Senator Gil Cedillo regarding the illegal alien driver's license bill, SB 60. Their arguments ("I really think I creamed him," Moreno told me) helped defeat the bill.

Lupe continued:

"A lot of the radicals try to bind us all together. I am an American before I am anything else. They think there is nothing wrong with people breaking America's laws. They think that illegal aliens have the same rights as all Americans. They tell illegal aliens to fight for their rights. I say send illegal aliens to their homelands. Stop this nonsense now.

 "I have being talking to a lot of American Hispanics/Latinos who have always loved America like I do.

 "They ask me, 'Lupe, what is the matter with our government that it lets all these illegal aliens in. Why are they not doing anything? How has this happened? What can we do to fix this mess?'

 "I tell them to stand up and be counted. Tell these illegals they are breaking America's laws. I tell them to complain, let our elected officials know that we are mad and concerned about the government not doing anything about illegal immigration.

 "My sister and I are working hard to help stop the destruction of this great Nation. Other American Latino/Hispanics are getting on board.

 "Where are our leaders who should be leading and protecting our nation? This unlawfulness cannot continue or this Great Nation will not stand."

  Alex Segura, Utah Activist and founder of Utah League of Citizens for Immigration Reform

Segura, a third generation Mexican-American, is the great-grandson of Mexicans who (legally) immigrated to the United States, and the son of a Mexican-American who enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Segura, proud of his heritage, was amazed when the Mexican government publicly accused him and his immigration reform allies of inciting hatred against Mexicans.

Noted Segura, who recently returned to his native Utah after seeing how illegal immigration has devastated California,

"Many, if not most, of the people from my background here support our laws and want to see them respected. I know many Hispanic Utahns, people who were born here or came here legally, who desperately want to get immigration under control. The very visible activities of the illegal alien lobby here tend to put law-abiding Hispanics in a very bad light. And some of them [the law-abiding Hispanic citizens] have been intimidated by militants, including agents of the Mexican government." (Stealth Invasion, by William Norman Grigg)

  Haydee Pavia, Activist and member, California Coalition for Immigration Reform

Born in South America, Haydee came to the US (legally) with her parents in 1965. When I asked Haydee how she viewed the current illegal immigration problem, she told me

"American Hispanics, those of Mexican descent in particular, suffer more than anybody else because of illegal immigration. They have to compete for jobs with illegals and their wage and work standards have been lowered because of illegal alien labor. They are even discriminated against at work because they speak little or no Spanish. In school, bilingual education, lower academic standards, Mexican culture and loyalty to Mexico are pushed on their children.

"I find that illegal immigration is a slap in the face to those of us who came to the U.S. according to the law."

  Ellen Gallegos, Activist, New Mexico

I have known Ellen through e-mail correspondence since I began writing for VDARE.COM in 2001.

Ellen wrote me that:

"I read your articles and finally someone is speaking the truth about this invasion. I agree with everything you have written. I am an American with Mexican heritage, but first and foremost I am a PROUD AMERICAN. I do all I can to support and donate to those who put and protect America and its citizens first."

About New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, often mentioned as a possible Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate, mostly because of his Hispanic heritage, Ellen said:

"I think that all he does for illegal aliens is wrong like giving them driver's licenses and benefits. He should put the American citizens of New Mexico and America first, instead of criminals who want to destroy our country."

The comments made by Lupe Moreno, Alex Segura, Haydee Pavia and Ellen Gallegos are repeated many times over in the mail I get each week.

The growing support of patriotic Hispanics is a big plus as we go forward with our battle for common sense in federal immigration policy.

Joe Guzzardi [email him], an instructor in English at the Lodi Adult School, has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.

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