Swamping The Shenandoah: Virginia Democrats Finally Forced On The Record
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As newspapers up and down the Shenandoah Valley fill their pages with stories commemorating the sesquicentennial of the War For  Southern Independence, Democrats in the Virginia Senate delivered their own little gift to celebrate the occasion: They killed ten (10) bills that would have dealt with the growing cancer of illegal immigration. [Senate panel refuses to hear illegal immigration bills, By Wesley P. Hester, Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 21, 2011]

Municipalities from Winchester to Harrisonburg are swamped by the illegal deluge and attendant crime, education and welfare problems that illegals bring—as readers of VDARE.com are well aware. Gangs are a particularly bad problem. The population of Hispanics, legal or no, has growing exponentially for years.

But that didn't matter to the political arm of the Treason Lobby. They twice shot down an honest attempt to get the problem under control. The Virginia Senate's Courts Of Justice Committee refused to pass any of the bills, and so did a State Senate subcommittee on immigration. [10 bills on illegal immigration shot down in Senate subcommittee, By Wesley P. Hester, Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 17, 2011

One Hispanic activist, Beatriz Amberman, of the Hispanic Community Dialogue Organization of Virginia, declared herself "proud of living in Virginia".

The two most important bills would have given police the responsibility to check the immigration status of suspects they arrest—as Arizona attempted to do—and would have stopped illegals from enrolling in the Old Dominion's colleges and universities. Other legislation would have stopped sanctuary policies, required schools to count the number of immigrant pupils, stopped welfare benefits for illegals, increased the penalties for peddling fake birth certificates and forced large state contractors to use E-Verify to check the documentation of employees.

All this legislation passed Virginia's Republican-controlled House of Delegates. But the Senate, controlled by leftists who know immigrants butter at least a loaf or two of their bread, killed them.

Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw [Email him] summed up what Democrats think of this kind of legislation: he said of the bill that would have forbidden illegals from enrolling in college: "Unlike wine, it isn't getting better with age". Claiming he has heard of only one illegal enrolling in college, Saslaw harrumphed, "That ain't worth a bill".[10 bills on illegal immigration shot down in Senate subcommittee, By Wesley P. Hester, Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 17, 2011]

Actually, it's worth 10 bills. But anyway, Saslaw must not be looking too hard. Just last year, the pages of Harrisonburg's paper were filled with the lachrymose tale of at least one college student who was not only an illegal alien but also the foundress of a local advocacy group pushing the DREAM Act. Apparently, she hasn't been deported.

Residents of the Valley should take note. If they thought what Sheridan and Custer did to the Valley a century and half ago was bad, wait until the growing population of Latinos get finished with it.

Indeed, the paper in Harrisonburg, The Daily News-Record, offers one, or should we say two, fine examples: It recently reported that two Hispanic men, one an illegal alien and the other likely an illegal, raped the same 11-year-old girl (herself apparently Hispanic).

A jury in the college town convicted Victor Martinez Ruiz, 19, the paper reported, of "felony rape, felony sodomy and misdemeanor aggravated sexual battery". He received just 11 years for his heinous deeds. Like many Hispanic males, Ruiz apparently believed raping an 11-year-old girl is acceptable if she "initiated the encounter", as the paper reported. The paper did not report Ruiz's country of origin. The girl was his neighbor.[Jury: Girl, 11, Raped | Suggests City Man[sic] Serve 11 Years, By Pete DeLea, Daily News-Record, February 17, 2011]

Sadly, however, this wasn't the victim's first encounter with an adult Hispanic male. Her cousin, an 18-year-old Honduran illegal, has pleaded guilty to rape and forcible sodomy. He received 10 years in prison. Eighty years of his sentence were suspended. Rape Suspect: I Did It| Faces Life Sentence For Attack On 11-Year-Old, By Pete DeLea December 3, 2010.

Like Ruiz, Grevil Funez, another of the illegals who are  here to do the jobs Americans won't do, thought he might get away with it if he claimed the girl was asking for it.

This is typical Hispanic male behavior, sadly enough, as even the Washington Post's Mary Jordan reported in 2002. She won the Pulitzer for her riveting and revolting story about rape in Mexico and the quotidian routine of the crime going unpunished. [In Mexico, an Unpunished Crime, By Mary Jordan, Washington Post, July 30, 2002]

Hispanic males also think it's a sign of machismo to drive drunk and mow down pedestrians and otherwise wreak havoc on the roads. (In other machismo news, Ruiz reportedly "severely beat" a woman guard at the county jail while awaiting trial, a crime for which he was indicted just six days after his conviction on the rape and sodomy charges. )[Rapist Charged With Beating Jailer, February 25, 2011]

But Saslaw's Virginia Democrats, who are also enamored of Muslim jihadists and let them run for office under the Democrat banner, don't see the problem.(See The Rise and Fall of Dr. Esam Omeish,[Gates Of Vienna, 2007] and Omeish's 2009 campaign page.)

Here it is in a nutshell:

In the last 10 years, the population of Harrisonburg's Hispanics has more than doubled, from 3,850 to 7,665 in a population of 48,914. As well, the city's school system reports, though Harrisonburg City Public School is"       a small division of approximately 4,500 total students, 38% of those students are Limited English Proficient. Within that population there are 47 different countries and 49 different languages represented. Of our LEP population, 63% was born in the United States."

As well, the schools report, the number of limited English students grew from 160, or 5 percent of enrollment in 1994 to 1,747, or 41 percent in 2009.

Along with that growth have come the inevitable pathologies, not least of which is gang crime.

But it "ain't worth a bill", the leading Democrat in Virginia's Senate says.

Of course, the good news is that Virginia Democrats have finally been forced to go on the record on the immigration issue—something that the national GOP leadership has foolishly failed to do in Washington D.C.

Now we will get a chance see if Virginians really agree with the Democrats' obvious intention to elect a new peopleand send the bill to the taxpayers.

A.W. Morgan [Email him] is fully recovered from prolonged contact with the Beltway Right. He now lives in America.


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