A Reader Asks About The Ninth Circuit And The Threat Of Racial Violence
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Allan Wall’s blog item Threat Of Violence Can Trump Free Speech In High School, Says 9th Circuit

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him] 

Am I right that the same 9th Circuit that says it's OK for a school to forbid American kids from wearing American flag T shirts on Cinco de Mayo because of the threat of violence has also ruled it impermissible for the California Department of Corrections to segregate prisoners by race in a lockdown situation? 

Isn't there a much more likely threat of violence if inmates of different racial gangs are forced together during a lockdown (which itself usually results from violence in the prison)? 

Ah, the blessings of die-versity and immigration.

James Fulford writes: Actually, the reader’s memory has played him false here—in the Ninth Circuit, California won that one.

The CDC used to sometimes segregate inmates for safety, and as Sam Francis reported in 2004, two federal courts rejected a suit by a black inmate who was offended by this. He also reported that it was going to the Supreme Court. In 2005, as reported by Steve Sailer, the Supreme Court overturned that decision. Steve called his article SCOTUS: Segregation Worse Than Interracial Homosexual Rape!, and the principle is the one I wrote about in another article: Civil Rights Law Doesn't Care If You Die.

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