A Reader Suggests A Way To Find Out If Afghan Refugees Are Coming To Your Town
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Re: Ann Corcoran's The Ruling Class Is Punishing Middle America With A Flood Of Afghan Evacuees

From: “Ratline” [Gab him]

Ann Corcoran wrote

And, although as I have been saying, most Afghans entering the US, or expected to enter shortly, are not legitimate refugees, the only network Biden’s team will have to distribute them is the established refugee resettlement contractors whose web of subcontractor locations are depicted on the map below.

Another possible way to get an idea of where they're headed, besides that helpful map, might be doing Indeed.com  job posting searches like this, for one's area: What Pashto or Urdu AND Where: Boston, MA. People who are hiring translators in Afghan languages are likely looking to bring in more Afghanis.

I'm in Maine, myself; we've got enough Somalis and existing Afghan refugees to suit us.

James Fulford writes: Of course, the resettlement agencies shouldn't need to hire translators for this group of refugees, since the excuse for bringing them is that they are translators, but it's likely that actual translators have been abandoned, and the ones who have been brought to the U.S. are the ones best able to shove their way onto the aircraft.

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