An California High School Student Reports From The Front Line
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May 13, 2003

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From: Michael Holz

Just thought that people would be interested in hearing one from the front lines. As a high school student, I can see first-hand that one thing the massive Hispanic immigration is doing to California is that the standards once used to judge "success" and "achievement" are gradually being erased, and then re-written at a much lower level.

For example, to gain admission to some of the highly-selective campuses in the UC system such as Berkeley, Santa Barbara, or San Diego, it is no longer good enough to have high test scores, good grades, and extracurricular involvement.

Now, you need to have overcome some sort of hardship.

Whether it be that you are a "person of color" or that your family illegally moved here from some seething Third World country, you need a hardship to put down on paper.

All of the sudden, because I'm white and from a stable home, all the advantages that my parents have worked so hard to give me have been erased - because I've had "an easy time."

I saw a prime example last year. Two friends applied to the same UC campus. One was the school president, had a high GPA and equally high test scores, tons of honors classes…and happened to be a white male.

 My other friend lacked any of the above. He was seen as having only a slight chance of admission. But he was of Mexican descent, with parents who didn't speak English that well.

As you may have guessed, my white friend was denied. My Mexican friend was not only admitted, but admitted as a Regent Scholar or some other sort of title.

He is now attending the UC school of his choice - and barely getting by.

There are thousands of stories like this across California.

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