American Carnage: Blacks Killing Blacks In Large Numbers
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Winter of NBC News goes on:

Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael Lipetri told reporters today, “all murder victims in June were of the minority community.”

The city’s spike in crime is now a bonafide trend, homicides are up 27% year to date and are running 11.3% higher than they were 5 years ago.

There’s been a 204% increase in shooting victims over the past 28 days compared to last year with 717 shooting victims on the year.

50% of the shootings have taken place in just 10 precincts, “those communities are being overrun by a small percentage of gang members who have little regard for their own life and no regard for their community”, Chief Lipetri says.

The bloodshed isn’t limited to New York City.

Chicago’s recent crime fighting success has cratered with a homicide rate that has risen 34% this year compared to last, for a total of 324 deaths. Over the last 28 days compared to last year over the same period homicides rose 83%.

Philadelphia’s homicide rate has risen up 27% with 210 killings in total (more than NYC), a rate not seen in over 10 years.

Criminology professor Peter Moskos tweets:

You’ll see a lot of this in the coming years:
“1) crime isn’t going up
“2) crime is lower than it was in 1990
“3) it’s complicated
“4) who can say why?
“5) society is to blame
“6) well, we don’t want to go back to the kind of policing that kept crime lower because policing is bad”

And then, I would add, 7):

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