Which Brands Do Looters Go for? Not Fjällräven!
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iSteve commenter Clifford Brown reminisces about the recent looting of high end shops in Soho in Lower Manhattan:

Fjällräven is a Scandinavian hiking brand. Their backpacks have become ubiquitous in recent years. I am a fan of their hiking pants which are decidedly unfashionable, but also virtually indestructible. When I watched the livestream of the looting of Soho, I took solace in the fact that the mob would not touch the Fjällräven store.

I spoke with the manager of the store and it turns out that the looters did in fact break into the store, but basically did not take anything! Turns out utilitarian high end Scandinavian hiking gear does not appeal to the looter demographic. Who could have guessed?

I joked with the staff of the store that there the looters were likely not that into hiking. The staff being PC automatons brains froze and said “Well, we really don’t know if they like to hike or not.”

What a world.

Looting is one thing, but stereotyping looters is not to be tolerated!

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