ATLANTIC Magazine: "A Woke Army Is A Smarter, More Diverse And Intellectually Flexible Army"
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Of course, the Woker the U.S. Military gets under Biden, the more its recruits decline in AFQT scores.

The difference between old-fashioned Sixties leftism and contemporary Wokeness is the former was driven by smart Jewish guys while the latter is supposed to center black women for their intersectionality, so leftism has dropped about 25 IQ points.

The funny thing is that from all the war videos out of Ukraine, the Ukrainian soldiers look like a Wokester’s nightmare of The Other: heavily armed white male patriots with non-ironic facial hair.

I’ve watched a lot of combat footage out of Ukraine and I don’t recall seeing or hearing any women involved in fighting in the field. E.g., when a tank explodes, the guys celebrating all have those really deep Slavic voices. (Some videos are shot back at headquarters of people watching video feeds on screens, and women’s voices show up in those.)

I’ve seen a few headlines in the West about women or LGBT soldiers in the Ukraine army, but the vast bulk of the combat footage depicts soldiers who are white men.

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