Say His Name: Deputy Michael Hartwick. Suspect In Hit-and-Run Killing Of Florida Deputy: Previously Deported Biden Gotaway
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The names are changed, but the story is the same. Thanks to Traitor Joe Biden and an unscrupulous employer, an illegal-alien gotaway killed a sheriff’s deputy in Florida. Juan Ariel Molina-Salles, a 32-year-old illegal Honduras, mowed down Deputy Michael Hartwick, police allege, then fled the scene and importuned another illegal alien to help him escape.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said immigration authorities deported Molina-Salles after he jumped the border in October last year. But then he crossed again and began working in the Tampa Bay area.

After Hartwick arrived at a construction site on I-275 in St. Petersburg, “a large frontloader traveling northbound that was allegedly operated by Molina-Salles struck and killed the deputy,” Breitbart’s Nick Gilbertston reported:

[T]he illegal alien continued to drive and made a frantic phone call to another construction worker while sobbing before finally pulling off the road. He then gave his hard hat and vest to another illegal alien working on the construction site, who also initially provided a fake name to authorities but was later identified as Elieser Aurelio Gomez-Zelaya. … Molina-Salles fled northbound, and Gomez-Zelaya allegedly hid the hat and vest in the woods. Gomez-Zelaya is charged with being an accessory after the fact and providing a false name or identity. Authorities are holding him on a $100,135 bond.

[Florida Sheriff: Previously Deported Illegal Immigrant Killed Deputy in Hit-And-Run, September 24, 2022]

Deputies had a hard time tracking down Molina-Salles because the construction company employed so many illegals who refused to cooperate. Molina-Salles is charged with felony leaving the scene of a fatal wreck. Bond is $500,000.

Said Gaultieri:

The majority of them were giving false names, they were hindering the investigation, not giving us answers to the questions that we needed, and importantly they were all giving us fake names, like these guys, they were all giving us fake names. All of these people are working for Archer Western which is a contractor apparently doing work for the Florida Department of Transportation out of Tampa and this company’s employing all of these illegals, and they’re all out there lying, giving us fake name, fake IDs; a lot of fake IDs out of North Carolina.

Of course, Molina-Salles didn’t have a driver’s license.

In April 2020, Archer Western inked a contract to replace the Howard Frankland Bridge that connects Tampa and St. Petersburg [Archer Western and Traylor Bros. to replace Howard Frankland Bridge, will be largest bridge ever built in Florida,]. That construction involves work on I-275. Molina-Salles, recall, was illegally driving the frontloader on a construction site there when he ran down Hartwick.

Contact the Walsh Group [email it], Archer Western’s parent company, to ask whether hiring illegal-alien criminals is standard practice [Construction Company Under Fire for Hiring Illegal Aliens Linked to Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hartwick’s Death, by John Binder, Breitbart, September 26, 2022]. 

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