Because Blacks Commit More Crime In California, K-9 Dogs Are Being Banned From Arrests And Crowd Control
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Stuff Black People Don’t Like? K-9s…

California bill would ban police dogs from arrests, crowd control; cites racial bias, trauma: Bill cites racial bias against Black Americans for removal of K-9s for arrests, apprehensions, crowd control, by Sarah Rumpf, Fox News, March 21, 2023

The California Assembly’s Public Safety Committee has approved a bill that would ban the use of police dogs for arrests, apprehensions and crowd control, apparently a first-in-the-country measure. The authors of the bill cited the need for the removal of police dogs due to racial bias and violence against Black Americans and people of color.

The legislation would not prevent the use of police dogs for search and rescue, explosives detection and narcotics searches.

The bill, to “end a deeply racialized traumatic and harmful practice by prohibiting the use of police canines,”

“First used by slave catchers, police canines are a violent carry-over from America’s dark past. In recent decades, they have been used in brutal attempts to quell the Civil Rights Movement, the LA Race Riots, and in response to Black Lives Matter protests.”

“The use of police canines has severe and potentially deadly consequences for bite victims, especially communities of color,” said Carlos Marquez III, executive director of ACLU California Action.

K-9s disproportionally affect Black people more than other racial groups in America.

“Black people are more than two times more likely than any other group to be subjected to this use of force.”

Maybe if black individuals stopped collectively breaking the law, K-9s wouldn’t be necessary in their arrests…

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