Border Numbers For February Leveling Off, Decline Still Phony (Watch This Space!)
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The official Border Crossing figures [Southwest Land Border Encounters (By Component)] were released earlier this month, presumably because the Administration thinks they make them look good.

Last month, I noted the decline was phony:

This month, as you can see below, the visible decline has leveled off:

However, the underlying apparent dip is still phony.

The Center For Immigration Studies' Andrew Arthur explains it here. The Biden Administration is limiting the number of illegals wandering across the border by... letting them in.

CBP’s contentions notwithstanding, historic numbers of migrants continue entering illegally. That agency’s disclosures reveal the administration is hiding its border crisis by funneling greater numbers of would-be migrants through U.S. ports of entry, including interior airports. Likely worse, they suggest Biden’s DHS either misrepresented its reasons for ending Remain in Mexico or doesn’t really care that much about migrants’ safety.
[February Border Numbers Give Away Administration’s Game
Hiding its border crisis by funneling migrants through ports of entry, including interior airports
by Andrew R. Arthur, Center for Immigration Studies, March 20, 2023] 

Washington Watcher II will explain it in detail later tonight.

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