Black St. Louis School Shooter's Race Was Unspoken By MSM For Hours
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Yesterday there was a school shooting at a St. Louis school which is 75 percent black, and 84 percent non-white. I tweeted about a Washington Post report what I always say, which is that I assume that if it were a white guy doing the shooting, they would have told us.

Below here was an unconfirmed report by a local witness who may have been repeating something he heard that the gunman actually was white.

It turns out, after all, that it was a black guy, named Orlando Harris.

I believe that’s a school yearbook photo, not a mugshot (he was a former student at the school where the shooting was) and if so, he looks very much like the kind of guy who would come back and shoot up the school.

A school shooter database still believes he was white as of this writing.

While you’re waiting patiently to be told the most important fact about a shooting (the race of the shooter) remember that:

  1. If it was a white guy they would have told us (aka ”Coulter’s Law”).
  2. Most people who shoot up black schools are themselves black.
  3. Bad marksmanship is always an indication of a black shooter.

And if you think the race of the shooter is not the most important fact note how much the MSM pushes it when it’s a white guy, and how much they hate it being mentioned when the killer is black.

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