Normal Trump Voters (A) Know More Than MSM Reports And (B) Don't Care What MSM Thinks
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This is a video of a focus group of Pittsburgh area Trump voters being interviewed by some MSNBC lady asking them, in effect, ”Has our relentless propaganda about January 6 convinced you to abandon your principles, your party, and your country?”

But it’s striking how familiar these voters are with the Dissident Right analysis of events (see CAPITOL “INSURRECTION“ HOAX: How Our Lying Press Would Have Spun Jan 6 Protest If Trump Were A Democrat [VIDEO]) referring to things not only not known to MSNBC viewers, but in this case, MSNBC reporters.

Nice White MSNBC Lady: [Pennsylvania GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Doug] Mastriano was at the insurrection and he was photographed breaching one of the restricted areas. Is that okay?

Male focus group member 1: But which area? Because I saw a video where Capitol officers was taking away barriers and unlocking the doors. So that’s I mean, I,

Another male focus group member: They opened the gates and let them in.

Female focus group member: So shouldn’t be disqualifying for an elected official to have participated in January 6?

Male focus group member 1: He didn’t strike anybody. He didn’t hurt anybody.

Female focus group member: And the only one that died was the protester. [I.e., Ashli Babbitt, although some other protesters died of heart attacks, etc. apparently brought on by police brutality.]

Others: An unarmed female veteran. ..That’s the only one that died.

The only one who died.

Nice White MSNBC Lady: A police officer did die.

Several others. A stroke. Not on site, etc.

Then we get into the obvious comparisons between January 6 and the nationwide Antifa and BLM riots, like the burning of Kenosha, and the persecution of the January 6 Mostly Peaceful Protesters.

At about one minute in, a young man says “Minneapolis burns, Kenosha burns, Waukesha burns.” (Fact check: Waukesha was actually the site of a black mass murder.)

But no burning or any serious looting happened at the Capitol. As for the policeman who died, the late Brian Sicknick died of natural causes the day after the protest.

Unlike the ”medical deaths” of three protests, his death was entirely unrelated to the protest, and that fact was announced by the Washington, D.C. coroner 554 days ago.

So why do random Republicans in Pittsburgh know this, and an MSBNC ”professional” doesn’t? Possibly because she doesn’t want to know.

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