Border Agents Renew Warning Of Nearly 20K Illegals Per Day Across Border If Title 42 Ends
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The Let’s Go Brandon Regime is set to end Title 42 public-health expulsions at the border on December 21 [Federal judge blocks Title 42 rule that allowed expulsion of migrants at US-Mexico border, puts order on hold for 5 weeks, by Priscilla Alvarez and Tierney Sneed, CNN, November 16, 2022]. And so border agents have renewed their warning from March—which Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed in May—that they will encounter 18,000 illegal aliens per day. A half-dozen agents spoke to the Washington Examiner's Anna Giaretelli.

“Six Border Patrol employees—from rank-and-file agents on the southern border to those with the top government security clearance at the Washington headquarters—all shared the same expectation, even dread, come Dec. 21, when they will no longer be able to expel illegal immigrants back to Mexico,” Giaritelli reported:

“When Title 42 ends we are going to see an already broken immigration system become completely inundated across all sectors. There will be no choice but to prioritize administrative/detainee functions over actual enforcement,” a second Border Patrol agent, who asked not to be identified by location or job title, wrote in a message.

“The only way to achieve this will be to pull line agents off the border and send them to processing," the second agent continued. "They won’t have any choice but to parole and release as many people as possible to avoid another large scale media event (Del Rio).”

The Border Patrol could be looking at as many as 18,000 arrests per day come Dec. 21—up from the 6,000 apprehended daily amid this crisis. For context, an Obama-era DHS secretary said 1,000 arrests per day constituted a "crisis." Border Patrol could soon be 18 times over that standard.

“Everyone is anticipating that the flow will be nuts,” a third Border Patrol employee, a senior official at its Washington headquarters, wrote in a message. “The people waiting in Mexico already will be anxious to come in ASAP.”

U.S. border officials have sent illegal immigrants back to Mexico more than 2 million times since February 2021, shortly after Biden took office. While some tried multiple times to enter illegally or were denied the ability to seek asylum at a port because of Title 42, it still means that a ton of people are looking to gain admission, and Title 42 ending means they will not be turned away, but arrested and taken into custody, processed, and likely released and permitted to remain in the U.S.

[Nightmare before Christmas: Border Patrol agents reveal fears about collapse of Title 42, November 28, 2022]

Biden has already released well more than 1 million illegals to colonize the heartland to dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation. Last year, he customarily released about 40 percent of them.

At 18,000 per day, border agents will face more than 1 million illegals in eight weeks. If that happens, count on Traitor Joe to release 400,000.

H/T: Border Hawk

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