Border Invasion Intensifies: 4,800 Illegals Cross In 24 Hours; 500,000 Encounter Since October 1
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The southwest border of the United States is, as a practical matter, gone. Not that we didn’t know that. But the latest images from Fox News’s Bill Melugin suggest the Camp of the Saints invasion is worsening, if that’s possible, as the end of Title 42 public health expulsions nears. Almost 5,000 illegals crossed the border from Friday to Saturday, December 9-10. The total border-wide since October 1, the start of fiscal 2023: 500,000.

“CBP sources tell us more than 4,800 migrants have crossed illegally in just these two sectors in last 24 hours,” Meluglin tweeted. “Obama DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson said 1,000 per day *nationwide* would be a ‘crisis.’”

The day before, Melugin delivered this news:

Approximately 1,000 migrants just crossed illegally into the Eagle Pass, TX area in two separate, huge groups at the exact same time. One group around 650 in size, the second group about 350 in size. Group of 700 crossed here yesterday. Massive numbers there.

Meanwhile, border agents encountered some 270,000 illegals in November. In October, the number was 230,678. November’s official number isn’t published.

“CBP Sources expect to hit the HALF A MILLION MARK in Total Encounters this weekend,” Fox’s Griff Jenkins reported Saturday morning:

485,451 FYTD23 (since Oct 1st) - of which - nearly 159k have been T42’d raising fears for when it goes away…

Border agents predict 18,000 illegals per day if Traitor Joe Biden ends Title 42 expulsions.

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