Dick Morris Endorses Border Fence
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The political consultant Dick Morris is presumably able to continue his strange career because professional politicians find some of his insights helpful. So they may well pay attention to the most substantial idea he advances in America is shifting leftward - The Hill January 11 2006:

the fundamental reason for the liberal drift is the salience of issues normally identified with the left. To reverse the situation, therefore, Bush has three options:...

(B) Raise new issues that have a built-in skew right and a Republican orientation...

Two new solid Republican issues are begging for attention from the White House: immigration and drugs.

The administration’s guest-worker program is a good step ...but it must be accompanied by some red meat for the base — the border fence passed by the House...guest workers without the fence will do nothing to move voters toward the GOP.

Of course the paramount task of a consultant is to be hired, which means telling the clients mostly what they want to hear. While Morris has long displayed an interest in the immigration issue, he is always careful not to challenge hispandering impulses of the Washington establishment.

So identifying with the Border Fence strategem is a brave step.

Obviously, trying to recruit the Hispanic vote is futile and destructive for the GOP, as Pat Buchanan wrote today, and VDARE.com has conclusively and repeatedly demonstrated.

Furthermore, anyone who has had any dealings with Hispanic immigrants established enough to be voters knows that their enthusiasm for the competition presented by subsequent waves of immigrants is low.

The real, barely articulated issue here is holding on to the native- born vote. On this, Morris is an expert. Perhaps the White House could console itself by giving the fence-building contract to Halliburton.


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