Forget Tucson Sector’s Cancellation Of Social Media. It Also Canceled Training
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When Tucson Border Sector Chief John Modlin X posted that the sector’s social media activity was stopped because Traitor Joe Biden’s Great Replacement border invasion had overwhelmed his agent, they probably weren’t too surprised to receive another startling message. Training is suspended, too.

“This surge poses immense challenges requiring an ‘all hands-on deck’ posture to staff vital positions with security, transportation, casework, and triage,” an internal email says:

To that end, all training to include Use of Force, Firearms Qualifications, and K9, is cancelled for the remainder of this week.

EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol Suspends Training Activities In Tucson Sector Over ‘Immediate Need’ To Address Migrant Surge, by Jennie Taer, The Daily Caller, November 26, 2023

Though training and physical fitness “are integral to our workforce” and a “key part of our overall physical and mental readiness,” the email continues, “the immediate needs of our national security mission require the short term pause in order to regain safe operating levels in our facilities and at locations along the border where migrants continue to enter and gather.”

Meanwhile, the Stupid Party has not impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and might impeach Biden not for his border treason, but instead for corruption involving his drug-addict son, Hunter.

One hardly knows what to say anymore.

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