Massive NUMBERSUSA Ratings Failure On Mayorkas Impeachment Vote. Why?
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On Tuesday A.W. Morgan posted Stupid Party Update: House Releases Report On Cost Of Border Invasion, Then Punts On Impeaching Mayorkas.

This noted:

Citing the Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies, the House Committee on Homeland Security reports that the cost is anywhere from $150 billion to $451 billion annually [The Historic Dollar Costs of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ Open-Borders Policies, November 13, 2023].

and complained:

Mayorkas and his boss Traitor Joe Biden must be impeached. Yet the House punted on impeaching the unindicted Cuban-Jewish visa fraudster   

The House blocked Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Impeachment Bill by 209 to 201 with 23 Congresscritters not voting. Eight Republicans voted to block and 11 did not vote. All Democrats voting did so to block: Roll Call 645 | Bill Number: H. Res. 863.

Thinking about this outrage requires some precision. The issue on hand was not immigration policy. It is the fact that an Administration Official has flagrantly broken Federal laws and Regulations. This is indisputable: see here and here. If Mayorkas had not done this, the Immivasion would not have accelerated as it has: Illegal Border Crossing Numbers Worst EVER (See Chart) Which Is Why Biden Admin Released Numbers On Saturday  by James Fulford, October 23, 2023.

A primary function of Congress is to ensure the Executive Branch obeys the law. On Monday, 19 Republicans failed.

However, from a Patriotic point of view, an Impeachment was a tremendous opportunity. The proceedings would have hugely increased the Public’s MSM-repressed awareness of the historic scandal on the Border. That it would ultimately fail in the Senate was irrelevant. It was to avoid this that the House RINO Leadership instead focused on the Biden clan’s much less important (if evident) corruption: PETER BRIMELOW: Why Is McCarthy Impeaching Biden Over Corruption, Not Border Treason?

I think this was the most critical vote on Immigration in many years.

Alas, analysis of the vote proves that quite a few GOP Congresscritters are not sincere about Patriotic Immigration Reform.

Using NumbersUSA data the dismal story is

VOTING TO BLOCK      Current Congress        Career

Rep Cliff Bentz—OR              A-                          A

Rep Ken Buck—CO                A-                          A

(Buck appears to be undergoing an identity crisis.)

Rep John Duarte—CA            F                           F

(An enemy of American history, Duarte is also a Big Ag Pig.)

Rep Virginia Foxx—NC         A-                           B+

Rep Darrell Issa—CA             A-                           B

Rep Tom McClintock—CA     A                            A

(Congratulations to Americans For Legal Immigration for prompt action: ALIPAC Drops Endorsement for CA Rep. Tom McClintock.)

Rep Patrick McHenry—NC    A                              A

Rep Mike Turner—OH           A-                            C+

The MIAs were-

Rep Jim Banks—IN              A-                       A-

Rep Vern Buchanan—FL      A-                       B 

Rep Larry Bucshon—IN        A-                       B-

Rep Dan Crenshaw—TX       A                         A-

Rep Mike Ezell—MS             A-                        A-

Rep Pat Fallon—TX               A                         A-

Rep Nancy Mace—SC           A                         B+

Rep Alex Mooney—WV        A                          A-

Rep Greg Pence—IN             B-                         B

(Greg Pence is Mike Pence’s brother. His Numbers USA rank is the lowest of the Indiana GOP Delegation.)

Rep Maria Salazar—FL          C+                        C+

(Salazar is simply a Hispanic Nationalist.)

Rep Roger Williams—TX       A-                          A-

Some observations:

  • NumbersUSA’s “Current Congress” ratings seem to be showing some grade inflation.
  • As noted, fundamentally this was a vote about law enforcement integrity. Not voting for impeachment was a vote against the rule of law.
  • However,. this was also the best opportunity in years to bring the Democrats’ Treason Lobby activities into the limelight. Failing to vote for it destroys any claims to be an Immigration Patriot. (How NumbersUSA rates this vote will be illuminating.)
  • Many not voting will claim important personal reasons. NOTHING JUSTIFIES NOT VOTING ON HR 863. At the least a reasoned explanation to their constituents is imperative.

Generally, as I noted in 2021  in Immigration Traitors Are Party Traitors (And GOP Minority Outreach Is Disastrous!) and  GOP Senators Who Voted To Betray Trump Also Traitors On Immigration betraying the GOP line usually correlates well with being bad on immigration. Based on the NumbersUSA data, this was not the case here.

  • What happened?
  • (Ideas welcome, including on individual Congresscritters)


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