Garland Joins Mayorkas In Blocking Deportation Of Illegal-Alien Criminals
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U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has joined Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in kiboshing the expulsion of illegal-alien criminals. On Monday, Garland ruled that an illegal-alien criminal’s “mental health” is a reason not to deport him. Thus does another top U.S. official provide proof that the Brandon Regime, as VDARE suggested in a report on deportations, will use illegal-alien criminals to terrorize Americans as they are dispossessed and replaced.

Garland’s role in wrecking the country involves the case of an illegal-alien called B-Z-R, a Mexican illegal convicted of burglary. B-Z-R claimed that his mental illness and “sexual orientation” will invite persecution if he is deported to Mexico [Matter of B-Z-R, Respondent,, May 9, 2022].

The immigration judge in the case determined that B-Z-R committed a serious crime and that mental health must not be considered in determining whether he is a danger to the community. The judge relied on precedent established in the case of an illegal called G-G-S:

An alien’s mental health as a factor in a criminal act falls within the province of the criminal courts and is not considered in assessing whether the alien was convicted of a “particularly serious crime” for immigration purposes.

[Matter of G-G-S-, Respondent,, July 17, 2014]

Garland overruled the judge’s decision, which the Board of Immigration Appeals upheld because of G-G-S, and he tossed away the policy established in that case:

Going forward, immigration adjudicators may consider a respondent’s mental health in determining whether a respondent, “having been convicted by a final judgment of a particularly serious crime, constitutes a danger to the community of the United States.”

So now, leftist immigration judges can declare that obviously dangerous illegal-alien criminals convicted of serious crimes are not dangerous. Worse still, obviously dangerous criminals need only declare themselves crazy and “LGBTQ+” to have shot at asylum. (In fact, Mexico has strong gay rights laws, as Allan Wall pointed out in 2016.)

Let’s Go Brandon and unindicted visa fixer Mayorkas had already decreased deportations of illegal-alien criminals by 63 percent.

Now we get this.

They hate us and want to replace us. And they don’t care if a few of us get killed along the way.

H/T: Fox News


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