GOP Debate In The Palmetto State! The Frontrunner Trifecta Versus The Good Guys!
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Everybody's talking about what they would have done, what they will do (about the war of course) and Tom Tancredo steals the show! "I'm looking for Jack Bauer..."said Tancredo.


Ron Paul shook one hand before leaving the stage tonight: Tom Tancredo's.

Now for the Post-Show with Hannity & Colmes:

Mayor Giuliani is first with Sean Hannity...

1. Giuliani wants those tamper free id cards. 2. Giuliani wants to throw criminal illegal immigrants out of the country. 3. Giuliani still Pro-Choice.

Senator John McCain is next:

1. He compares our interrogation techniques (of those at Gitmo obviously) to those used during the Spanish Inquisition...huh, that's a bit extreme. 2. McCain says Reagan made him want to be a "foot soldier" for conservatism. He says Reagan was the best at controlling spending...McCain seems to be making spending his #1 issue. Let him... 3. McCain says "he'll be the last man standing" if necessary where the War is concerned.

Next we have Governor Huckabee:

1. "Proving that I could be there with those other nine guys." One of Huckabee's strongest traits is his genuine humility... 2. "We need a tax system that puts the lobbyists out of business."

Now Huckabee did have the quote of the night:

"Congress spent money like John Edwards in a beauty shop..." said Huckabee.

Congressman Tancredo is up:

Alan Colmes asked him if he would go after city councils and mayors who don't enforce immigration law and Tancredo said "Yes...absolutely right I will."

So I guess its no surprise the McCain, Romney and Giuliani are taking the lead...but maybe they shouldn't.

The Good Guys: Huckabee, Hunter and those are the cats I'm interested in...I want more from them.

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