Great Replacement Update: Law & Order Edition: Biden And Visa Fraudster Mayorkas Have Released 3,100 Criminals Since October 1
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It appears I was correct in claiming that Let’s Go Brandon and his Homeland Security chief, unindicted, Cuban-Jewish visa fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas, are, indeed, keeping illegal-alien criminals in the country to beat the Historic American Nation into its dispossession and replacement. As we reported in May, deportations had dropped 70 percent; deportations of criminal illegals by 63 percent. Now we know why: The Biden-Mayorkas Axis of Evil has been releasing them to prey upon the American people. Since October, the two traitors have released almost 3,200.  Since the beginning of fiscal 2022, the two have released more than 13,000.

The data for fiscal 2023, which cover October through December: 1,363 convicted criminals and 1,813 with pending charges released. Total: 3,176. That’s about 34 a day.

Total in fiscal 2022: 10,508 in both categories, about 29 per day.

Those totals do not include “immigration violators.” We may as well work with manageable figures, after all.

And as I reported in April, the two are violating at least two U.S. immigration laws, which requires all illegal aliens to be detained, an obviously impeachable offense. Still, the two imbeciles who run the Stupid Party have said they won’t impeach the Traitor-in-Chief. They might go after Mayorkas.

When one of Biden and Mayorkas’ released illegals murders your wife, rapes your daughter, or, blind drunk, crashes head-on into your son, you’ll know who to blame.

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