If You Live “Close” To Powell, Wyoming, Here’s A Chance To Stand Up And Be Counted
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The flood of information at VDARE.com means that any one tidbit may be quickly submerged in the aggregate. So I’d like to call attention to my recent article about worthless but pernicious Mexican matricula cards being peddled this weekend in northern Wyoming by a “mobile” Mexican consulate.

In response to the article, a correspondent of mine who has an enormous amount of grassroots-level experience in combatting illegal immigration wrote to me, “If this event is on public property [indeed, it is!], as many Americans as possible taking videos and photos would be the worst thing for the Mexican consulate. And it would document who runs it and who is in line for a matricula.”

Do you live within feasible range of Powell? If so, please consider going there this Saturday and/or Sunday (5/17 and 5/18) to show the colors—and, perhaps, make the participants skittish from your peaceful observation, just as a Minutemen group did in 2007 (described toward the end of my article).

What about me? Well, I’m not up for the 400-mile round trip from Bozeman. (If you saw my disgraceful 1984 Mazda truck, you’d sympathize!) But I did follow up on the suggestion, heh, in the third paragraph of my article.

(Wyoming has also been in the immigration news recently because its clueless governor seems determined to establish an official refugee-resettlement program in the state. That’s a totally separate subject, not to be confused with the City of Powell’s foolish acquiescence to meddling Mexican “diplomats.”)

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