Limited Edition VDARE 2020 Flag
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See earlier: Dog Whistles And Lion Whistles: Neither Trump Nor IS “Signaling,” But SALON, VICE, and VOX Really Believe It!

LIMITED TIME: Donate now to get your own VDARE flag! Contributions of $100 or more receive a free flag while supplies last.

Back in August, when Donald Trump revealed his 2020 campaign logo, the Main Stream Media including Vox, Salon, former fact-checking site, and VICE rushed to find – ahem, manufacture – any reason to smear the President. They homed in on his lion flag, an image that has been floating around the internet since at least 2015.

According to TinEye, a reverse image search website, *once* in 761 instances where the lion flag image was used in the past four years, was in a tweet from

On the one hand, it’s flattering to think that the MSM is so scared of’s immigration patriotism that they think a 1/761 chance that Trump got his logo from our tweet, is a strong chance.  On the other, it’s startling to consider the resources that must be focused on us. Heck, we didn’t even remember that tweet – but our enemies never forget!

As usual, the MSM defamed us as “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” (see our FAQ page: Is “White Nationalist?”), but we also received an outpouring of support on social media including the comment, “if you sell this I will buy it.”

Ask and you shall receive!

Announcing the Limited Edition VDARE 2020 Flag, hot out of our Pittsburg manufacturing facility:


VDARE 2020 Flag

“It should have had a white doe” said of Trump’s logo.  Fixed it for you!


For every donation over $100 we'll send you a Limited Edition VDARE 2020 Flag, while supplies last.

Let everyone know that immigration patriots will not be intimidated by smear tactics! informs the fight to keep America American, and with each wave of this flag, you can show the world what patriotism looks like! DONATE NOW!

  • Each flag is 3’x5’, singly ply nylon with metal grommets
  • Unique design
  • Made in Pittsburg, PA


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