Mexican Cartel Gunment Now Armed With Shoulder-Fired Missiles Possibly From Ukraine
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As a kid, I loved reading history books. I was always amazed that when one country would develop some technological innovation, before long, it seemed like every country had the same technology. I wondered why that was. The French would innovate a new type of smokeless powder and before you knew it, all the European countries had it. I theorized that if a country could keep its innovations secret, then one country could wind up decades ahead of others. Imagine if we had fought World War I with M-16s.

That was childish wondering. In the real world, one innovation is met with the next. If one side has a big innovation on one side, the moment it is used on the battlefield, the enemy takes note and seeks to counter it and/or emulate it. During peace time, businessman sell technology back and forth to countries that may remain allies, or, could become enemies in the future. As with life, it’s full of shades of gray.

When I was on the southern border, one of my instructors said told us that the Green Berets had gone to Mexico to train the Mexican Army to fight the drug cartels, train the trainers in what Special Forces calls Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET). Instead, the new Mexican Special Forces (GAFE) went on to form Los Zetas and work for the cartels. The Green Berets claimed that they did not actually train the members of Los Zetas… but that they did train the Officers and NCOs who in turn trained those Mexican military members who did defect to the cartels taking their weaponry with them. I guess it’s all better that way. Frankly, I remember hearing that and wondering how stupid our military was for trusting the Mexican Army on anything. But then, I was seeing up close how the Mexican Military (M&Ms, as we called them) was deeply involved in drug smuggling. I guess the idiots back in their offices in the Pentagon did not know that, or, worse, maybe they did.

According to Wikipedia’s article on Los Zetas:

Some of these former GAFE members reportedly received training in commando and urban warfare from the Israeli and U.S. Special Forces.[43]

So, I ran into this headline today from The Gateway Pundit, “Shoulder-Fired Missiles Are Ending Up Hands of Cartel Del Golfo in Mexico—Video”.

I have a relative who is involved in making components for high tech weaponry. He tells me that we are fighting a proxy war in Ukraine, sort of like how Germany and the USSR fought one in Spain before the outbreak of World War II. We are testing advanced weapons systems out there, and the Russians are testing theirs with the Chinese sitting on the sidelines taking notes.

Good job, Pentagon! If a U.S. President ever decides that we need to fight the Cartels, our big advantage would be air strikes, and you’ve armed our enemies with weapons to negate that. What did you expect to have happen when arming a thoroughly corrupt nation? We can expect the Chinese have already gotten their hands on some of that technology too and are reverse engineering it.

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