Internal Secession Grows. 3 More States Send Help To Texas
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Three more red-state governors have deployed National Guardsmen or lawmen to help Texas stop the illegal-alien invasion of the United States. Virginia, West Virginia, and South Carolina bring to eight the number of states in the anti–Great Replacement Confederacy.

Here’s Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin:

The ongoing border crisis facing our nation has turned every state into a border state. As leadership solutions at the federal level fall short, states are answering the call to secure our southern border, reduce the flow of fentanyl, combat human trafficking and address the humanitarian crisis. Following a briefing from Governor Abbott last week, Virginia is joining other states to deliver on his request for additional assistance. Given the intensive resource demands on Texas, the dangers posed by the fentanyl crisis, and impact of the border crisis on criminal activity to the Commonwealth, Virginia will do its part to assist the State of Texas’ efforts with the coordinated deployment of Virginia National Guard soldiers to assist in key aspects of their mission.

[Governor Glenn Youngkin Announces National Guard Troop Deployment to Southern U.S. Border,, May 31, 2023]

The latest three to commit troops or personnel join Iowa, Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee, Mississippi [South Carolina, West Virginia join states sending National Guard troops to southern US border, by Timothy H.J. Nerozzi, Fox News, June 1, 2023].

Perhaps Republican governors finally understand that Traitor Joe Biden is importing illegals to replace the Historic American Nation, a demographic dispossession that will mean the end of the GOP as a national political force, and, more importantly, the end of the country.

Even if they don’t understand it, at least the deployments send a message. Internal secession has begun. And Biden really can’t stop it, short of federalizing the National Guard and ordering troops to keep the border open.

That could provoke the constitutional crisis needed to force red-state governors to fish or cut bait. Resist the Regime’s Great Replacement invasion, or the country dies. 

Republicans govern 18 other states. Texas needs troops now!

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