DeSantis Sending NG Troops, State Cops To Help At Southwest Border. Internal Secession Is Moving Ahead
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GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has joined Texas in taking border control away from the federal government, a form of internal secession VDARE has advocated for some time. DeSantis has deployed almost 1,000 National Guardsmen and myriad state law enforcement officials to fortify Texas’ troop deployment to stop the illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border.

“The impacts of Biden’s Border Crisis are felt by communities across the nation, and the federal government’s abdication of duty undermines the sovereignty of our country and the rule of law,” DeSantis said. And “while Biden ignores the crisis he created, Florida stands ready to help Texas respond to this crisis” [Governor Ron DeSantis: “Florida is Sending Help to Texas to Secure the Southern Border,”, May 16, 2023].

Here’s the contingent:

  • 101 Florida Highway Patrol Troopers
  • 200 Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officers, in teams of 40
  • 20 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers
  • 800 Florida National Guard Soldiers
  • 20 Emergency Management Personnel—including radio technicians, logisticians, mechanics and planners
  • Five available fixed wing aircraft with monitoring equipment and downlink capabilities with two aviation crew teams
  • Two Mobile Command Vehicles and two command teams
  • 17 available unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and support teams
  • 10 vessels—including airboats, shallow draft vessels, and mid-range vessels

They augment the Texas Tactical Border Force that Governor Greg Abbott deployed last week. Those troops are stopping the invaders where they can.

The two deployments will challenge Traitor Joe Biden’s Great Replacement border policy, provided the governors follow through with what they have implied: We will stop the invasion if Biden won’t.

Well, Biden won’t stop it, as he and his Homeland Security Secretary, unindicted Cuban-Jewish visa fixer Alejandro Mayorkas, have made clear. Question is, how will Biden respond if and when the Texas-Florida contingent erects a substantial barrier to his Great Replacers, particularly, if the “migrants” turn violent, provoke a fight, and one or more of them are killed.

That might be the constitutional crisis needed to boost the secession movement. Biden’s first move might be federalizing the National Guard to seize control and keep the borders open. 

Whatever happens, DeSantis did the right thing. It’s about time the states challenged Biden. Others should send help, too. If ordered to stand down, they must defy him.

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