Great Replacement Update: Invasion Proceeding As Planned As Title 42 End Nears
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Two months ago, in a tweet with video of what used to be the southwest border at El Paso, Texas, GOP Rep. Brian Babin of District 26 said it right: “If this isn’t an invasion, I don’t know what is.” Before that, Rep. Bob Good of Virginia nailed it: “Biden’s border invasion has dragged on for over a year. He has intentionally done more harm to America than any President in modern history.” Well, it was an invasion then, and it’s a bigger invasion now. So, a question: When does the impeachment begin?

The video doesn’t lie. Nor do the data that Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz disclosed on May 6 for the previous week: 54,951 apprehensions, 18,698 gotaways.

Meanwhile, Fox News’s Bill Melugin reports that U.S. Customs and Border Protection will release the penniless vagabonds willy-nilly to begin full-scale colonization of the country, which will include the mass rape, assault, robbery, killing, and murder of Americans:

Per multiple CBP sources, last night, CBP & Border Patrol leadership made decision to authorize all Border Patrol sectors to begin “safe” street releases of migrants to communities across border *if* NGO shelters and CBP facilities do not have the capacity to hold them.

This means in coming days we will likely begin to see mass releases of migrants at bus stops, gas stations, supermarkets etc in communities across the border as illegal crossings continue to surge to record highs ahead of T42 drop in 2 days.

Illegals are rushing the border because they believe the Title 42 public-health expulsion that POTUS 45 Trump ordered will end in two days.

President Biden and his Homeland Security chief, unindicted Cuban-Jewish visa fixer Alejandro Mayorkas, have knowingly and willfully violated multiple laws. They have aided and abetted the invasion and illegally released and refused to deport deportable illegals. He has attacked the Border Patrol for doing its job.

Memorandum for GOP Strategerists: IMPEACHMENT NOW!

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