Texit Referendum Bill Introduced On Alamo Anniversary
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Texans will have the chance to vote for or against leaving the United States and returning to nationhood if state GOP Representative Bryan Slaton gets his way. Slaton has introduced the “Texas Independence Referendum Act” that would put secession before voters in November.

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Introduced on the 187th anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Alamo, If the bill becomes law, the governor will notify Traitor Joe Biden and Congress and everyone else concerned, and create a Texas Independence Committee that will begin to study what the state must do to disentangle itself from the federal Leviathan.

Slaton also created a petition for Texas to sign that will go to the state legislature.

The GOP completely controls the state with a Republican governor, Greg Abbott and strong majorities in the Texas House (86-64) and Senate (19-12).

Whether they have courage to vote for a measure that could unchain the former Lone Star Republic from the U.S. is far from certain. But passable or not, it puts down a marker, just as it has in Idaho, Oregon, and elsewhere.

Mainstream Americans, even members of Congress, are openly discussing secession, or a “national divorce” as some call it. Without one or the other, it will come to blood.

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