Hmong Gunman Kills Four People In Wisconsin
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Via yet another Immigrant Mass MurderHmong gunman kills four people in Wisconsin.
Police have named Nengmy Vang, a forty-five-year-old Hmong male, as the suspect in the March 22nd spree shooting near Wausau, Wisconsin.

The victims are Everest Metro police Detective Jason T. Weiland, 40; Marathon Savings Bank employees Dianne M. Look, 67, and Karen L. Barclay, 62, and attorney Sara H. Quirt Sann, 43.

The media is calling the shooting “domestic violence related.” However, he did not kill his wife. He killed his wife’s white divorce lawyer and three other white people...

This is the second time that a Hmong has gone on a shooting spree in Wisconsin targeting white victims. On November 21, 2004, Chai Soua Vang shot six white males and two white females with an SKS rifle. Five males and one female died. The victims were all deer hunting at the time. Most of the victims were shot in the back as they tried to run away. Vang appears to have been motivated by racial hatred of white people. During his trial, Vang was remorseless and said the men deserved to die for “disrespecting him.” Vang had been trespassing on private property when the white males asked him to leave.

Notes: The Hmong Broadcasting Company appears to be the only media outlet that reported the ethnicity of the shooter. The mainline Wisconsin media did not. However, two weeks ago, there was a standoff between police and an eighty year old white male in nearby Junction City. The man had pointed a handgun at a female Hmong neighbor and the fired shots after she ran back inside her home. In that incident, race and speculation about a possible racial motive dominated the coverage.

The Hmong were featured in the hit movie Gran Torino. While most East Asians have very low crime rates, Hmong tend to have higher rates. They are considered to be the indigenous people of Vietnam. There are about 50k Hmong in Wisconsin. [More, emphasis in original.]

Hmong are, indeed, the Asian equivalent of wild Indians—as such they fought bravely alongside Special Forces in Vietnam and Laos, but when they were brought, after the Vietnam War to America—specifically Wausau, Wisconsin—they've created massive problems, caused by being basically primitive tribesmen.  Some of their antics feature in Ann Coulter's Adios America.

Things like

  • No respect for game laws (which led to the earlier shooting)
  • Underage sex and marriage by capture
  • Gang rape
  • And lots of shooting
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