"What Is Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome"?
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See also by James Fulford: Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome Update: 556 Killed, Over 1500 Wounded In North America Alone As Of June 30, 2016 (And We’re Not Counting 9/11)

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VDARE.com began tracking Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome in 2007, after the Virginia Tech Massacre (perp: a Korean immigrant, Seung-Hui Cho, above). We define Immigrant Mass Murder as

A murder committed in America, by an immigrant—or member of an immigrant community.

But in any case, it’s a murder that would never have happened in America, but for mass, non-traditional immigration.

Note that, with this definition, we are scrupulously trying to exclude mass murderers who are just visiting—like, most controversially, the 9/11 hijackers, most of whom were abusing tourist visas. (This caused the fanatical immigration enthusiasts at the Wall Street Journal to crow that 9/11 wasn’t an immigration problem—ignoring that it was still a Border Security problem [Immigrants and Terrorists | So Atta got his visa. That's no reason to kick out Mexican workers. WSJ, March 18, 2002]).

On the other hand, after some thought, we do include some American-born children of immigrants such as Major Nidal Hassan, born to Jordanian immigrant parents, perpetrator of the 2010 Fort Hood Massacre. This is a question of judgment, but in several cases, for example the 2015 San Bernardino Massacre, the perpetrators actually include both immigrants and “immigrant-stock” American-born.

A further methodological complication: immigrants who attempt mass murder but fail. For example: the Jamaican (Home Depot employee Calvin Esdaile, Jr. ) who killed only one person, plus himself, after bursting into his workplace with a gun; Faisal Mohammed, who stabbed four people before being shot by a police officer, but all survived; Mehrdad Dashti, a 30-year-old Iranian, took 33 hostages in a popular bar near UC Berkeley in 1990. He killed one and wounded seven before police stormed the building and shot him dead. He was described as hating blond-haired people generally and women in particular. Reports differ about whether the blond women hostages were sexually abused. (Note how this unknown incident presages the Elliot Rodger shooting by a Eurasian gunman at UCSB who targeted blonde sorority girls.).

We list some such attempts here, but of course they do not impact the death toll…greatly.

We also exclude from our total the Immigrant Mass Murders committed outside the U.S. and Canada. But major cases are cited in our list to further illustrate the magnitude of this growing First-World problem.

Immigrant Mass Murder clearly constitutes A Trend, and under normal circumstances would be celebrated as such by the Main Stream Media. For example, the far less serious phenomenon of murders by U.S. Postal Service workers has given birth to the pop-cult phrase “going postal” and even has its own Wikipedia entry.

But these are not normal times. The American Left is engaged in a systematic and clearly conscious effort to suppress bad news about the post-1965 immigration disaster until it has succeeded in swamping the Historic American Nation and Electing A New People. Thus when a Vietnamese father murders his four children by throwing them off an Alabama bridge, the news stories will say "Alabama Man".

Finding out that the killer in a mass murder is an immigrant typically requires detective work—often involving reading the foreign press, which is less inhibited and positively interested in news of its emigrants. Sometimes the truth only comes out much later, perhaps at trials. [2 charged with murder in deaths of 6 family members in Chicago, By Emanuella Grinberg and Sheena Jones, CNN, May 20, 2016]. And sometimes it never comes out at all.

This is related to the MSM policy of “not reporting race.” Because the MSM Political Correctness enforcers are obsessed with “racism,” they’ve decided not to say anything bad about immigrants, no matter how badly they act, but always to highlight anything that can make the immigrants look like victims.

Absurdly, it is quite common to see immigrant-on-immigrant crime headlines that look like this: “Man sentenced for brutal rape and murder of 23-year-old Chinese immigrant.” [ABCNY, April 27, 2011] That was the murder of Yu Yao by Carlos Cruz in Queens, NY. Both victim and killer were immigrants: Cruz was a Mexican illegal, and Yao was a legally present Chinese.

The headline could equally have read “Immigrant Sentenced For The Brutal Rape And Murder Of Queens Woman.” But it never does.

Conversely, the MSM never has any problem with raising a “moral panic” about the guns used in Immigrant Mass Murders, or for that matter, a moral panic about “racism” or “nativism” in response to the rare similar crimes committed by white people.

Indeed, there is a vigorous effort to maintain the meme that white men commit most mass murders, although it is quite plainly a lie. See  Jezebel: “Have You Noticed That White Dudes Keep Mass Murdering People?” No, We've Noticed You Promoting It.

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome is also related to:

  • Sudden Jihad Syndrome. Terrorism scholar Daniel Pipes has some success in establishing in the MSM the term “Sudden Jihad Syndrome", describing the phenomenon "whereby normal-appearing Muslims abruptly become violent." In many cases, “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” is a subset of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome, to which, mysteriously, the MSM seems much more resistant.
  • Disgruntled Minority Massacre TrackingDisgruntled Minority Massacres,” whereby a minority “disgruntled employee” goes on a workplace rampage, is another of VDARE.com’s public services. Most cases involve American blacks, but some involve immigrants and are therefore eligible for inclusion in both categories.

Notice, finally, that mass murder is not a job that Americans won’t do. America has plenty of home-grown killers. In fact, that's the point. We've already had too many Americans mass murdering. Consequently, we don't need to import murderers from abroad.

Why are there so many Immigrant Mass Murders? Like Sir Isaac Newton, we make no hypotheses: we simply offer the facts.

But some patterns clearly offer themselves:

  • Islam

It is now indisputable that mass Muslim immigration is incompatible with Western society. It should be halted, and the Muslim communities that have established themselves expelled.

  • Asians running “amok”

Since East Asian immigrants are generally (not always) relatively less violent, it is striking how many have been involved with Immigrant Mass Murder in the U.S. Interestingly, the term “running amok” is Malay in origin and there have been instances dating back centuries. Perhaps it has been imported along with the work ethic.

  • Immigration just IS stressful

American immigration enthusiasts generally disregard the personal costs involved. But as, Brenda Walker wrote thoughtfully in her discussion of the 2009 Binghamton Massacre (perp: Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Wong):

Psychology informs us that even positive change can be highly stressful. Leaving home to attend college, for example, is simultaneously exhilarating and frightening….In a similar way, immigrating to a completely foreign culture is a vastly more disorienting experience, where the possibility for failure is real and life-affecting. Remarkably, many foreigners come to this country with no knowledge of English or understanding of how the society works, yet expect to find jobs, navigate a complex modern culture and somehow achieve the American Dream of deluxe home, trophy children and other bragging rights to impress the homies.
Some immigrants regret their choice, and either return to their home country or wish they could. Mexicans and others nearby can easily scoot back, and some do when the economic weather clouds up.It's a tough slog, even in a good economy, and we are far from prosperity these days. Immigrants can feel more on the edge when money is harder to acquire. They may have unrealistically fantasized a brilliant success, but are barely making ends meet. Frustration and anger can result when a personal Gold Mountain does not materialize.
  • Familicide

An immigrant, usually a father, killing his whole family because of some kind of rage or despair. Some are criminals killing other criminals, some are home invasions, some are primitive family feuds that come from the importation of people from premodern cultures. One man from India had a daughter who married another Indian—but of the wrong caste. The father set his daughter, son-in-law, and 7-year-old grandson on fire.

Once again, Asians appear to be especially vulnerable.

Immigration enthusiasts constantly congratulate themselves on their nobility. Tragically, however, they are clearly luring at least some immigrants to their doom.

Our Immigrant Mass Murder list is necessarily a work in progress. Immigrant mass murders occur regularly, and we keep finding ones we didn’t know about. Please help us update it by emailing James Fulford.

Note that our total  does not count the perps.

VDARE.com’s Immigrant Mass Murder List (Updated 2023, a total of 761 dead in 111 incidents)



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