Nebraska Shooter Was Refugee From Sudan
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The shooter in the Nebraska incident I mentioned below was an African refugee from Sudan. Some employers have been replacing their illegal Mexican employees with Somalian refugees, and I assume Akouch Kashoual's presence at a cold storage warehouse in Nebraska was part of the same trend.

Neb. shooting suspect was Sudanese war refugee

By MARGERY A. BECK, Associated Press Writer Margery A. Beck, Associated Press Writer — Fri Sep 24, 4:02 pm ET

CRETE, Neb. — The 26-year-old man who authorities say shot three co-workers at a Nebraska cold-storage plant before killing himself was "a good kid" who had fled the war in southern Sudan with his family, his brother said Friday.

John Bol said he left Sudan first, and then his brother, Akouch Kashoual, fled to Egypt with other members of their family. From Egypt, Kashoual moved to Buffalo, N.Y., around 2003, and came to Nebraska about a year later, Bol said.

Many Sudanese fled to Egypt in the early 2000s hoping to secure temporary asylum in Egypt before resettling in the West. Others stayed on illegally, facing hard living conditions in already overpopulated Egypt.

Bol, 42, of Omaha, said he didn't know of any problems his brother was having at the Americold Logistics plant in Crete and thought the motive for the shootings would be found by talking with surviving workers there.

"He's a good kid," Bol said of his brother. "If you want to know what happened, go back to where he worked. These are the people responsible for what happened.

"I know my brother. There was no problem with him."

I presume he means that the three people Akouch Kashoual shot, one of whom was a woman who Kashoual shot eleven times, were racists.

That's what we heard repeatedly in the Omar Thornton case, after all.

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