Two Hispanics Murdered In Bakersfield—Nigerian Charged
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Tokunbo OkuwogaWhen Tokunbo Okuwoga, 21 was charged in connection with the shootings of Felipe Bravo Jr., 22 and Daina Caraveo, 22 in Bakersfield, founded 1869, in the United States of America, in the two hundred and thirty-fourth year of its independence, the headlines said things like "Couple Shot" and "Man arrested in double homicide."

This was not immigrant mass murder, though. It seems to have been an ordinary commercial murder—the deceased couple lived in a house with a marijuana grow-op. KTLA says that

The young couple had a couple of misdemeanor convictions each including alcohol related offenses, burglary possession of stolen property convictions.

[ Felipe Bravo Sr., 43, a wounded survivor] had 21 misdemeanors over 10 years.

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