New Jersey Attorney General Supports Illegal Aliens At Rally Today
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In January of this year, newly elected Democrat Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine appointed Zulima Farber to the office of Attorney General.

Ms. Farber will be attending a rally in New Jersey today to show her support for illegal alien amnesty and her opposition to the current House bill which would make illegal presence in the U.S. a felony.

Farber to take part in pro-immigration rally by Elizabeth Llorente 4/23/06

You might exclaim shouldn't the AG have to follow the law as she is responsible for enforcement?

Yeah...this is a woman with several bench warrants (here) for unpaid tickets and who knows what else...she seems to pick and choose which laws to follow—perk of the job?

Her position in the Governor's cabinet is a four-year term in which she can only be removed by the Governor or impeached.

Governor Corzine can be reached (here.)

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