Nicaragua, One Of The Beneficiaries Of The Parole Amnesty, Is Also The Latest Smuggling Center
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It looks like the Darien Gap, the locus of travel for illegal aliens between Colombia and Panama, is getting too much bad news concerning the thousands of deaths that occur during the dangerous trek through mountains and jungles. Illegal aliens instead are paying extra, $4,000, to bypass the deadly journey by flying directly to Nicaragua and moving north from there to Mexico, where the CBP One app rewards those who pay smugglers, and El Presidente Daniel Ortega, to avoid death in the jungle. What a comedown for Ortega, once a celebrated revolutionary, now just a mobster. Well, every cause becomes a racket at some time. You just have to survive the purges and the Contras. And to make matters worse, Nicaragua has its own parole amnesty. How does one translate chutzpah into Spanish?

”There is nowhere that is simple,” one young man says as he explains to another traveler the winding itinerary to the U.S.-Mexico border after arriving at Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport in the Nicaraguan capital, where guides and traffickers offer passage north. “There are some small cars like taxis. If you want you can take them or get on one of the big buses to Honduras, and after Honduras you take another one…to the Guatemalan border.” Until recently, Haitians and other U.S.-bound migrants making their way through Central America were stranded in Costa Rica, sometimes for months, because Nicaragua, the next stop on the route, banned them from entering the country. But Nicaragua is now welcoming the travelers in massive numbers, removing the requirement for visas. Leader Daniel Ortega and his wife, Rosario Murillo, are using their country as a bridge for charter-airline operators and travel agents, who charge Haitians as much as $4,000 for a one-way ticket from Port-au-Prince to Managua, about 1,000 miles.

How Nicaragua Is Helping—And ChargingHaitians Who Want To Reach The United States, by Jacqueline Charles, Syra Ortiz-Blanes, Nora Gámez Torres, and Johnny Fils-Aimé, Miami Herald, October 30, 2023

It appears that the family-unification parole programs and the general parole amnesty are insufficient for Haitians, as the demand for entry to the United States exceeds the current extra-legal supply.

Now, spiraling gang violence, kidnappings and a crumbling economy in Haiti—and the long waits for a new travel program launched in January by the Biden administration—have driven Haitians to take the same route, the passengers waiting in line in Port-au-Prince said.

Note the lack of persecution by the government in the list of horribles that is causing Haitians to flee. We were previously assured by the Biden Regime and the Lying Press that Haitians and others were asylum seekers. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Xs, gang violence, kidnappings, and a crumbling economy are not bases for asylum.

Not to worry though, the Biden Regime has expressed its concerns about the latest smuggling route and is doing nothing to stop it, but is rewarding those who take the smuggling route with the CBP One amnesty.

After three weeks, they made it to Mexico City, where Elias, who is currently ill, said he was able to access a U.S. Customs and Border Protection smartphone application, CBP One, to request an appointment to apply for U.S. asylum. “My objective is to reach the United States,” he said, expressing concerns about the fate of his two young children who remain in Haiti.

And by expressing concerns, it is just that. No public advisory that those who use the new route will be deported. Because the plan is White Replacement through mass illegal immigration.

The Biden administration on Monday warned those involved in a new migration scheme to help Cubans, Haitians and other asylum seekers reach the United States by flying expensive charter planes to Central America that they risk the wrath of U.S. law.

Brian Nichols, assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere, said he is concerned by reports of a dramatic increase in Nicaragua-bound charter flights carrying Haitians, Cubans and others migrants who, with the help of traffickers, make their way to Mexico with the hope of entering the U.S.

Biden Administration Issues Warning To Those Involved In Nicaragua-Bound Migrant Flights, by Jacqueline Charles and Syra Ortiz Blanes, Miami Herald/Yahoo News, November 6, 2023

There is no statement that Expedited Removal will be used to quickly deport these illegal aliens who have no basis for an asylum claim, there are no sanctions on Nicaraguan officials, there is no public announcement that the United States will halt issuing visas to Nicaraguans while the the smuggling route is open, there are only concerns from minor officials, no action.

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