NYT Admits “Migrants” Are Here For Jobs, Money, And Free Stuff, Not Because Of "Violence And Persecution" Back Home… Where They Belong
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Reporters for the New York Times inadvertently spilled the beans about nearly 3 million “migrants” whom border agents stopped at the border, or who otherwise escaped and disappeared. In a morning report for which Times writer German Lopez spoke with colleague Miriam Jordan about the buses Texas Greg Abbott sent to New York City, the truth surfaced right up top. Illegals are flooding the country for jobs, money, welfare, and anything else they can get their mitts on.

“They are mostly Venezuelans, coming to the U.S. to find jobs and send money back home,” Jordan told him:

Venezuela is a broken country, where political dissent is repressed and the economy has collapsed. There are shortages of food, medicine and other staples.

The migrants I’ve talked to were impoverished after living in those conditions. Many had once been solidly middle-class. If they had jobs or small businesses, they were earning very little money, and their savings were depleted. So they made this decision to leave, however they could.

[The Morning: The back story of the migrant buses, September 25, 2022]

When Jordan observed that 20 percent of Venezuelans have left the country, Lopez helpfully confessed that he is one of them.

Venezuelans and other illegals jump the southwest border “out of a desire to make a living and support their families,” Jordan said:

Once they cross the Rio Grande to Texas, they turn themselves in to the Border Patrol and often request asylum. They will later claim in court that they need asylum because the Maduro regime retaliates against people who do not support his party. It’s an uphill battle, but their cases take years to be adjudicated, and, meanwhile, they can remain in the United States.

Yeah, and meanwhile, they will burrow into American communities and drop anchor babies, which will make deporting them a practical impossibility because the anchor babies are “citizens.” Not that any politician, anchor babies regardless, would have the nerve to even mention deporting the more than 1 million illegals Let’s Go Brandon has released since he took office.

Jordan continued:

I met a Venezuelan migrant named Lever Alejos. He had used up all the money he saved to make the trek to the U.S. from Venezuela. He took one of the buses to Washington, D.C., where he found a bed in a shelter. In a matter of weeks, he has managed to not only find work; he has started sending money back to Venezuela to support his 7-year-old son. He said his son’s life is 100 percent better. He has also saved to buy a cellphone and plans to buy a used 2012 Honda Civic.

So already, Alejos sends money back home—$150 a month to his son—very likely to help bring the rest of his family north to declare squatters’ rights.

We’ve always known that illegals do not trek north to the border because they fear “violence” and “persecution” at home. They have confessed to pollsters and reporters that they come for jobs and money. When Donald Trump established his Remain-in-Mexico policy, the paper explaining it said at least 90 percent of asylum claims are bogus. That’s still true, and a reason Treason Lobbyists have complained that Traitor Joe’s people are denying asylum claims.

Still, we appreciate it when the Times and other Regime Media remind us why these poverty-stricken vagabonds are here.

H/T: Center for Immigration Studies

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