Secession Crisis Brewing At Ranch In Texas, Where Texas DPS Battles Border Patrol
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The secession crisis we need to save the country from Traitor Joe Biden’s Great Replacement invasion of illegal aliens might finally be here. Writing in the Daily Mail, Tod Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies has reported that officers with Texas’ Department of Public Safety “are locked in a bizarre daily struggle” with the Border Patrol at a pecan farm in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Biden has done what we thought he might do, almost. His Border Patrol is undermining Governor Greg Abbott’s effort to close the border.

“Under a simple white tent on the farm, U.S. Border Patrol agents are processing illegal migrants and then transporting them by bus to a nearby brick-and-mortar facility,” Bensman wrote. But “just outside the property’s fence, however—between the river and the farm—Texas DPS authorities stand guard and bristle with frustration.”

The Border Patrol tore down a chain link fence DPS installed to keep illegal aliens from crossing onto the farm:

It also wasn’t helpful to Texas that the Urbinas—who leased a long stretch of their riverfront to the Border Patrol at expense to the U.S. taxpayer—dug a walkway ramp down to the river to make the steep bank more accessible.

This is nothing short of an absurd civil war of sorts pitting two American forces, one controlled by Texas and the other by Washington D.C., against each other.

[How the migrant crisis is sparking an American civil war: TODD BENSMAN’s dispatch from a militarized Texas farm—where Biden’s federal agents are sabotaging the state’s desperate border enforcement, July 14, 2023]

Now, for the really good news. Abbott dispatched state troopers to the farm because it was the scene of a crime:

Texas then bulldozed the river ramp, strung rows of barbed wire across it and planted a large sign that threatens a fine and reads: “You cannot pass here.”

Some illegals are swimming down river to find another entry, but others are swimming back to Mexico:

Privately, because they’re not authorized to speak, some Border Patrol agents tell me they abhor having to escort illegal aliens into the country. But they’re following orders.

One young, dripping wet Venezuelan man confirmed it all to me.

“They [Texas Department of Public Safety officers] won’t let us pass,” he says.

So, his group will walk several hundred yards upriver to a spot where they heard the green uniformed “American immigracion” officers might be found.

See video here.

When eight states sent state troopers or National Guardsmen to help Abbott stop the invasion, VDARE reported that internal secession had begun. That meant Biden would have to federalize the National Guard and order the guardsmen to keep the border open.

He’s done the next best thing: ordered the Border Patrol to rent private land to do so.

Either way, in one sense, Biden has gone to war against Texas. 

Abbott must respond in kind. Texas DPS officers must arrest Border Patrol agents who assist the invaders and/or interfere with efforts to close the border.

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