Senate Republicans Set To Propose Big Ag Amnesty
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North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis and other Republican senators are reportedly ready to introduce the horrid Farm Workforce Modernization Act into the upper chamber. Tillis is alleged to be the lead sponsor of the bill. [Senate Republicans looking to repeat 1986 amnesty, seeking President Trump’s support: Sources, by Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review, February 17, 2020]

The bill was passed by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives in December. reported on its awful provisions at the time:

It offers legal status to any illegal who worked in agriculture in the last two years. Those illegal aliens would receive a “Certified Agricultural Worker” visa and be barred from applying for a green card for at least four years. It expands the H-2A program by an additional 20,000 visas to cover other industries, including dairy and meat-packing. The H-2A supposedly covers temporary agricultural workers, but the new bill expands it past its intended area. It also allots 40,000 green cards per year for H-2A visa holders and gives legal status to many illegal aliens convicted of driving under the influence and Social Security fraud…

Mandatory e-Verify is the bill’s only highlight. But it would be imposed only after the Amnesty is fully implemented.

Nearly every Democrat voted for it, but only 32 House Republicans supported it. House Republican leadership voted against it. However, that strong opposition has not dissuaded Senate Republicans from introducing it. Along with Tillis, Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham are set to serve as Republican co-sponsors. These three may be the worst Republican senators on immigration.

Graham is a long-time amnesty booster and mass immigration advocate. Lankford is the leading Republican opponent to President Trump’s refugee reductions; he thinks America needs more government-subsidized migrants. Tillis’s anti-American efforts are just as bad. In 2018, he proposed a bill that would dramatically increase guest worker visas. In 2017, he backed a straight amnesty for illegals who arrived in the U.S. as minors with no restrictions required. It was clear he was an immigration squish when he ran for his seat in 2014. Nothing has changed since then.

If Tillis wants to secure re-election this year, he should strongly reconsider his priorities. The Trump base doesn’t want an amnesty to benefit big business.



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