Smithsonian Dumping Nancy Yao For Black/Lesbian Women’s Museum Director? Why Not A White?
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Starting on March 21 with Nancy Yao—Face Of The Great Replacement At Increasingly Anti-White Smithsonian, I posted a series of articles discussing at first the decision to award the plum appointment of Director of the Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum to Nancy Yao, the lightly qualified daughter of Chinese immigrants, who seemed to have shallow roots in this country and to have spent most of her adult life being a professional Chinese.

Digging deeper, I realized that the Smithsonian is effectively under Minority Occupation Government. As far as I can see, even Jews are excluded. See Tell GOP Regents To Defend White America At Minority-Occupied Smithsonian Museum!

Now a war has broken out among the minorities. Last Thursday the Washington Post published a 2,800-word hit piece, A new Smithsonian boss settled multiple employee retaliation lawsuits,  by Manuel Roig-Franzia and Thomas Floyd April 20, 2023.

Essentially the same article then appeared on The Smithsonian Is Investigating Claims That Its New Women’s History Museum Director Turned a Blind Eye to Harassment at Her Previous Job, by Sarah Cascone, April 24, 2023.

The essence of the matter is that Yao did not allow some minor sexual harassment charges to turn into lynch mobs. Three lawsuits were settled for trivial amounts. The Smithsonian was aware of these matters when it hired her.

Greatly intensifying the row, to judge by the Washington Post’s hate-filled comment thread, were her reported remarks to the staff of Museum of Chinese in America. Artnet says

Yao went on to speak about cultural and generational differences surrounding the appropriateness of physical interactions at the workplace, which some workers interpreted as a defense for sexual harassment.

Not only is Yao correct, but since she worked several years in the early 2000s for Goldman Sachs she unquestionably knows what she is talking about. In a sane world she would have nothing to worry about.

The Smithsonian has hired the heavy-duty Mintz Group to investigate (more likely showcase) the matter.

To me it seems axiomatic that a faction at the Smithsonian wants to replace Yao, probably with a black or a Lesbian (perhaps both).

The realization that Yao is married to a white man and is a Christian will not have helped her.

I suggest that readers in Arkansas, Louisiana and Nebraska take the time to tell their Congresscritters on the Board of Regents that if Nancy Yao is lynched the next Director of the Women’s Museum should be a member of the Historic American Nation.  

After all, it is their ancestors who did most of what is important in this country.

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