SOUTH AFRICA FARM ATTACKS IN AUGUST: Murdered, Assaulted And Bound, Killed Defending Wife, Attacked With A Crowbar, Beaten, And Stabbed To Death
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  • Dr. Carel Nel was found murdered at his farm in the Biesiesvlei area of North West province, South Africa.

Concerned neighbors checked on the farmer after noticing his cattle roaming unattended.

A police investigation revealed Nel’s home was broken into. The crime apparently occurred days before it was discovered.

[Farmer found murdered in home, Biesiesvlei,, August 3, 2023]

  • Duwayne Smith was murdered in Randridge, Randfontein, Gauteng province.

Reports say Smith was killed in front of his wife and daughters.

Smith returned fire when two men in a pickup truck shot at the family. He was then shot to death by one of the trespassers.

Ingrid Smith, the victim’s wife, was also shot and was in critical condition.

The intruders used AK-47 assault rifles.

[Man shot dead while trying to protect family in Randfontein farm attack,, August 8, 2023]

  • Rita Jordaan, 73, was attacked on a farm in Koffielaagte, Heuningspruit, Kroonstad district Free State province.

The elderly woman was assaulted and bound in a farm building, but managed to break free and alert neighbors with the help of a farm worker.

[Farmworker comes to the aid of farm attack victim in Heuningspruit, Free State,, August 17, 2023]

  • A group of thieves stole livestock in Marble Hill, Limpopo province.

Taken were goats and sheep valued at R320 000-00 [sic], or about $17,000 USD.

The owner of the livestock is a 79-year-old farmer who was sleeping when the raid began at about 3 a.m. The farmer was aroused by men claiming to be chasing thieves. When the farmer opened his door, he was met with a rifle.

After the farmer was securely bound, more men arrived in four trucks. They loaded 60 goats and 40 sheep onto the trucks and fled.

[Marble Hall police on the hunt for suspects after farm attack in which livestock worth over R300 000 was stolen, attribution: SAPS,, August 20, 2023]

  • An unknown number of victims were bound in a farmhouse in Curry’s Post, KwaZulu-Natal province.

The intruders loaded valuables into an SUV over a period of about two hours.

Reports say the thieves also drank the victims’ coffee during the crime. They left in a stolen vehicle,

[Attackers drink coffee while victims are tied up during farm attack—Curry’s Post,, August 21, 2023]

  • An elderly woman was assaulted during a farm attack in Klein Sandfontein, Caledon area, Western Cape province.

Three males gained entrance through a dog door and made off with three flat screen televisions.

Responders were able to locate the perpetrators using a drone and tracking dogs.

Still, the suspects managed to escape.

[Farm attack suspects escape drones in mountainCaledon,, August 27, 2023]

  • A woman was attacked with a crowbar during a farm attack near Ellisras, Limpopo province.

The victim was bound for about one and half hours during which she was struck on the head with a crowbar.

The attackers made off with the woman’s vehicle after demanding the keys to her safe. The vehicle was found abandoned.

[Victim hit with crowbar during farm attack near Ellisras,, August 28, 2023]

  • An elderly farmer was found murdered on his farm near Bloemfontein, Free State province.

The 71-year-old farmer was found dead with lacerations in a pool of blood. His wife, 64, was found in critical condition.

The couple were discovered by their son’s friend who was doing a welfare check after the son had not heard from his parents.

[Elderly couple attacked at their farm outside Bloemfontein, attributed to,, August 27, 2023]

  • Attackers shouted, “Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer” before assaulting a couple on their Pietermaritzburg farm in KwaZulu-Natal province.

The four attackers broke through a door at the home of Tim Platt and his wife, Amanda.

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“Amanda was beaten with a bolt cutter and lead pipes, and eventually stabbed with a spear. While her husband was still trying to fight off the attackers, she managed to escape and returned armed to save her husband. Upon her return, the attackers had already fled,” according to

[Attackers chant ‘Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer’ before stabbing female victim with spear,, August 30, 2023]

  • A 65-year-old man named Thys Van Niekerk was found dead at his farm near Hofmeyr and Cradock in Eastern Cape province.

He had suffered multiple stab wounds.

Police are investigating. Andrew Kroukamp (28) is wanted for questioning.

[Police probe Cradock farm murder,, August 31, 2023]

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