Strong Correlation Between White Fertility and White Republicanism at the State Level
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The following graphs show two-way partisan affiliation among whites and total fertility rates among whites by state. The state-level results correlate at an impressive .73. States where whites still have a few babies here and there are red ones:

The future belongs to those who show up, so if you’re looking for comfort where some can be found, this is not nothing.

If the invasion put to a halt and the invaders expelled, the long-term electoral viability of the Republican party would once again become an open question. On the current trajectory, the GOP is a dead party walking.

Scrounging around the bottom of the bottle for another white pill, final birth data for 2017 shows that once again the sensational pronouncement by the Census all the way back in 2011 alleging that non-Hispanic white births no longer constituted a majority of all births in the US was incorrect then just as it continues to be incorrect now, albeit only just:

Parenthetically, the assertion can be quibbled with by pointing out that the data is exclusively for mothers, so if the progeny of both mixed-race male non-white/female white parents and male white/female non-white parents are counted as non-white, the POC percentage could be above 50%. In a flight-from-white zeitgeist, this is fair enough from a cultural perspective. Biologically-speaking, it’s less defensible.

It can also be contested on the relatively expansive definition of non-Hispanic white, which includes “off whites” among some portion of Chileans, Jews, Armenians, etc.

Still, the mendacious media’s effort at demoralization must not go unnoticed. When Fake News was celebrating the premature death of white America several years ago, it was not subsequent to taking these things into consideration. It was a headline they hungered for and uncritically gobbled up.

A few other interesting insights gleaned from the CDC’s report:

  • Hispanics of Cuban extraction now comprise just 22.4% of all Hispanic births in the state of Florida. In a few short years, Puerto Rican births will overtake Cuban ones, with Mexican births not far behind.

Speaking of Puerto Rico, fertility on the island itself is almost non-existent with a TFR of 1.1, lower than any other country in the world except for Macau and Singapore. They invade the mainland to spawn. They’re looking for better schools, of course.

  • The percentages of new mothers in 2017 who had a bachelor’s degree or higher, by race:

This is additional evidence that while NAM fertility in the US is starkly ‘dysgenic’, white fertility is only modestly so–and even then only among women.

  • Hey whitey, congratulations on footing the bill for the majority of non-white births. Funding your own future–your own future replacements, that is! Percentages of births, by race, that were paid for by Medicaid:

  • Similarly, the percentages of mothers receiving WIC benefits at the time of birth, by race:


The White Man’s Burden is alive and well, and will be until white men either finally arise to seize the future for themselves and their posterity–or until we die.

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