The Daily News's Dolores Prida: Avoiding A Dialogue With Our Readers, Or Us?
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The Daily News's Dolores Prida sent me an e-mail acknowledging her error in her February 11 smear against me, but says it pales in comparison to the ”hate speech” VDARE readers sent her.  She asked me how she could have a ”dialogue” with my ”followers”

A number of VDARE readers copied me thoughtful e-mails they sent Ms. Prida, but the ones she sent me used less than temperate language. I implore our readers not to use profanities when e-mailing our antagonists.

That said, The few foul mouthed VDARE readers who upset her do not write for us, much less a newspaper with a circulation exceeding 600,000.

But neither Ms. Prida, nor her friends at La Raza, the SPLC, and the New York Times are not trying to avoid a dialogue with my ”followers.” They are trying to avoid a dialogue with me and even my more moderate friends at groups like Numbers USA and the Center for Immigration Studies.

Some of the e-mails that were forwarded to me were quite mean, maybe even ”hateful.” But this becomes a case of la muchacha que grit?? El Lobo when she calls using the terms ”blanket amnesty” and ”open borders” hate speech in her column attacking me.

Working for organizations associated with Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan, I get plenty of hate e-mail and occasionally even death threats. One ”anti-racist” website accompanies their profanity laced screed against me with my home address.

But I don’t complain about them, because they are just a few nut jobs who don’t have any power in influencing policy or the wider debate on immigration. My hands are more than full dealing with the lies and slurs directed at me from nut jobs who unfortunately have a lot of power like the SPLC and New York Times.

So once again, I ask VDARE readers to be respectful when e-mailing our opponents, lest it give drama queens like Ms. Prida to use it as another excuse to try to shut us up.

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