Update On Korean Retreat Center Shooting—Shooter Was 69 Year-Old Asian, Knocked Unconscious By Victims Who Fought Back
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Only one person was killed in the attack, and four wounded, including the alleged attacker, who is supposed to be at least wounded in this situation. The alleged attacker is 69 year old John Chong, who was alleged to be armed with a ".32 caliber revolver." If they mean a .32 S & W, the ballistics are really inadequate for self-defense, and are just barely adequate for murder.
Suspected gunman identified in fatal shooting near Temecula

By David Kelly, LA Times 1:58 PM PDT, April 8, 2009 Investigators today identified the alleged gunman who opened fire at a Korean Christian retreat center near Temecula — killing one woman and injuring four people, including himself — as 69-year-old John Chong.

Chong, who lived at the retreat, was known as "Uncle" by residents. He allegedly used a .32-caliber revolver in the attack, said Capt. Mitchell Alm of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department's central homicide bureau.

The motive for the shooting remains a mystery, said Sgt. Michael Lujan of the sheriff's department. The investigation has been hampered by a language barrier because many witnesses do not speak English. Deputies called in a Korean-speaking police officer Tuesday night from the Buena Park Police Department for assistance

The incident unfolded when deputies arrived at the Kkottongnae Retreat Camp shortly after 7:25 p.m. and found a woman dead and her husband shot in the torso inside their bungalow, said Sgt. Michael Lujan of the sheriff's department.

The suspected gunman moved to another bungalow and attempted to shoot another couple, but they fought back. Lujan said the scene was extremely violent.

"They were going at it hand to hand," he said. "There was physical evidence that a significant altercation took place. Furniture was turned over, there was damage to the door, damage to the fixtures."

The couple, said to be in their 50s, successfully subdued their attacker, and all three suffered injuries in the fight, Lujan said. The couple are doing well, Alm said, adding that Chong remained unconscious today.[More]

The couple who fought back deserve a medal, and more credit than they seem to be getting in this story. Chong doesn't seem to have "injur[ed] four people, including himself"—he seems to have been injured, as he is alleged to have deserved.

After action lessons:

  1. Fighting back works.
  2. .32 revolvers don't.
  3. Koreans, who have universal military training and a martial arts tradition, (stereotype alert!) are likely to fight back if attacked.
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