Fentanyl: Where is it Crossing the Border? | VDARE Video Bulletin
February 24, 2023, 05:32 PM
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It’s no secret that deadly drugs are washing into the United States. In two thousand and twenty one, a total of one hundred and seven thousand three hundred and seventy five Americans died of drug overdoses. Synthetic opioids such as fentanyl accounted for sixty seven percent of those deaths.

So Where Is The Fentanyl Getting Across The Border?

Democrats say it’s mostly passing through ports of entry. But is that correct?

Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland recently claimed that, quote, “ninety percent of fentanyl seizures were at ports of entry and at vehicle check points and not between.” She went on to say that, quote, “eighty percent of people convicted of smuggling fentanyl were American citizens.”

Local and federal law enforcement agencies are challenging that claim, typically used to suggest that Republicans are overstating the impact of Biden’s lack of immigration enforcement.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol Chief John Modlin recently stated that Border Patrol agents captured over seven hundred pounds of fentanyl in two thousand and twenty one. He added that agents seized half of those drugs at ports of entry. However, the rest was discovered in the field after being, quote, “backpacked across the border.”

Furthermore, with the unsustainable rise in illegal crossings, Border Patrol agents are being kept indoors to process illegal aliens, leaving the border unprotected, and making it easier for cartels to traffic drugs. Of course, the result is that fentanyl is now more often seized once it has successfully made it over the border.

Now, capturing the drugs is the responsibility of local law enforcement agencies. Former Republican Governor of Arizona established the Arizona Border Strike Force to clean up the mess that unmanaged illegal crossings have left on border communities. The strike force seized a record number of over seven hundred pounds of fentanyl in two thousand and twenty one.

However, the current Arizona Governor, Democrat Katie Hobbs, plans to defund that strike force.

The simple fact is that record fentanyl seizures are a direct consequence of our nation’s unmanaged border crisis. Democrats who twist the facts regarding the drug’s origin are putting the nation at risk in defense of their open border policies. Americans will suffer as a consequence.

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