Decline in Border Crossings is FAKE NEWS | VDARE Video Bulletin
February 27, 2023, 08:34 PM
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Typically Customs and Border Protection officials responsible for releasing border crossing statistics wait for as long as possible before publishing each month’s respective numbers. However, January’s numbers came on time. This may mean that the agency believes the numbers, especially the unusual dip at the end of this month’s chart, make them look good.

The month of January saw 156,274 illegal aliens apprehended while unlawfully entering the United States. That’s down nearly 100,000 from December. But keep in mind that January’s numbers can only be considered low when compared to previous month’s during the Biden Rush.

These numbers are still higher than the all-time high during Trump’s presidency.

Furthermore, there’s the Biden Administration’s parole program for illegal aliens. The so-called “migrants” making their way into the United States are now offered parole by using the CBP One mobile application. By entering through this process, aliens cross the border without being counted as illegal. 

By the way, that parole program does nothing to protect the migrants from opportunistic coyotes and human smugglers working with cartels. Biden doesn’t mind how they get here, but he does want them here. 

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