The "Mind-Boggling" Cost of Biden's Illegal Alien Invasion | VDARE Video Bulletin
March 01, 2023, 05:31 AM
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Those illegals crossing the border may work for pennies on the dollar, but they don’t come cheap to the American taxpayer. Several years ago, the Center for Immigration Studies extrapolated data from the National Academy of Sciences to calculate an illegal alien’s lifetime cost to American taxpayers. That total at the time was 65,292 dollars. Adjusted for inflation, that cost is now 80,000 dollars each.

Applying that cost to the nearly 2 million illegals the Biden Regime has already released into the country, as well as another 1 million got-aways, and the total so far for Joe Biden’s border treason amounts to a mind-boggling 200 billion dollars.

But just to put the number in perspective, here’s what $200 billion actually means…

That’s equivalent to the entire gross domestic product of New Zealand, or Greece, or Peru.

As well as the budget of New York, a city of 8.5 million, for two years.

It’s also the same as five years of funding for NYC’s schools.

It’s roughly 41% of what the nation spends on welfare overall in a year.

And get this, 200 billion dollars is enough to buy every NFL team and still have $60 billion left over.

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