You Can't Become Japanese. Why Can You Become an American? | VDARE Video Bulletin
January 27, 2023, 06:53 PM
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Can you, a white or black man, an American or African, “become Japanese?” The answer is obviously: of course not! To be Japanese is to be of Japanese blood and raised in Japan. Why? Because the Japanese say so. So why can’t Americans say so?

Strangely enough, Canadian YouTuber Greg Lam, who is not Japanese and swallows all the usual eyewash about diversity, inadvertently confessed that truth in a two-part series titled Being Japanese. Despite Lam’s boilerplate Leftism, he can’t escape the truth: If you aren’t Japanese by race and culture, you can’t become Japanese.

Lam permitted his interview subjects to speak candidly, and to say that almost no one—refugee, immigrant, naturalized foreigner, ethnic foreigner born in Japan, ethnic Japanese born abroad, or hafu, a half-Japanese person—thought they were really Japanese. Nor do the Japanese think that.

Our country, we are to believe, does not have and never had one language or culture, or one majority race or religion. It was always the polyglot “tangle of squabbling nationalities” that President Teddy Roosevelt warned against.

This partly explains the zeal for the Great Replacement, and Biden’s aiding and abetting an invasion of illegal aliens at the southwest border.

Federale writes:

Our Globohomo Ruling Class cares not for our opinion about who is an American and who isn’t. But unlike our leaders, Japan’s leaders do care. They still defend the nation’s racial homogeneity because they are still connected to their people

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