A RECORD 58 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES (Give Or Take A Few White Hispanics, Asian Immigrants): July 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America
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Last month: ABOUT 44 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES, ADJUSTING FOR ASIANS, WHITE HISPANICS: June 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America

July 2023 saw President Joe Biden announcing not one but three Memorial Parks to Emmett Till, the black teenager who in 1955 sexually harassed a white woman and was killed by her menfolk. This presumably means Biden will soon be announcing some 186 Memorial Parks to the record 58 whites killed by blacks in July 2023 alone—perhaps more, since a significant few were the immigrants he seems so keen on.

July saw the usual relentless toll of white women dying at the hands of their black male Significant Others. It also saw road rage incidents, carjackings, home invasions, a Disgruntled Minority Massacre, Drug Deals Gone Wrong, and (a trend we’ve just recently noticed) the apparently random sadistic murder of a homeless white. Plus, of course, innocent bystanders In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time. As in May 2023, there was also another multi-white killing spree resolutely repressed by the Regime Media.

We found only one white-on black killing in July.

The Main Stream Media and law enforcement agencies are increasingly successful in suppressing the race of perps altogether, as well as details of their stories. Email me here or VDARE.com here if you have tips.

  • 23-year-old Jordan Middleton was fatally shot while riding his motorcycle in Phoenix, AZ.

A woman named Navaeh Worsley, 21, was arrested.

It was an apparent road-rage incident. Reports say she was a passenger in a Hyundai that cut off Middleton:

The Hyundai’s driver cut off the motorcyclist, which triggered a verbal altercation that ended when Worsley got out of the car’s passenger seat and showed her gun, court documents said.

Neither Worsley nor the person driving the car tried to help the victim after the shooting, according to the police report. They drove off [Glendale police arrest security guard trainee in connection to Thursday road rage shooting, ktar.com, July 28, 2023].


  • Franklin Campbell, 40, was fatally shot in Rockdale County, GA.

34-year-old Melvin Briggs was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, murder, reckless conduct, theft by receiving stolen property-felony.

Campbell was found shot in the stomach. No motive was reported [Rockdale County man arrested for July 25 murder, by FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team, fox5atlanta.com, July 29, 2023].

  • Aaron Paul West, 30, was fatally shot in Newport News, VA.

According to police, 38-year-old Derek Williams was arrested less than 24 hours after the shooting and is facing charges of second-degree murder, shooting from a vehicle, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony [Man arrested in connection to homicide on Old Oyster Point Rd. in Newport News, by Courtney Ingalls, wavy.com, July 26, 2023].

No motive or backstory was provided by media reports.

  • Corey Michael Friloux, 40, was fatally shot in Gibson, LA.

Arrested was Benyamin William Walker, 20.

Reports say the shooting was the culmination of an argument. Apparently, Friloux was conversing with another person when Walker intervened, shooting him.

[Gibson man charged with second-degree murder after argument Monday night, by Colin Campo, July 25, 2023]

  • Ashley Atwell, 38, was one of three fatally shot in a Tulsa, OK apartment.

Arrested was Caleb Venson.

This incident appears to have been a home invasion.

Police identified the other victims as 20-year-old Annaway Mackey, who is black, and 19-year-old Sarah Gonzales. Gonzales appears to be a “white Hispanic.”

An infant was also shot but survived in critical condition. A 13-year-old boy who was in the apartment at the time of the burglary managed to escape and called for help.

One of the women, unspecified, was Venson’s “ex and the mother of his baby.” Venson was arrested for first-degree murder, shooting with intent to kill, and first-degree burglary [Suspect charged with three counts of 1st-degree murder following North Tulsa triple-homicide, by KTUL Staff, OKCFox.com, July 24, 2023].


  • Sean William Arcari, 40, was fatally shot in East Hartford, CT.

Arrested was Keiran K. Walker, 39.

Reports say the two men argued prior to the shooting death. Drugs were found at the crime scene.

One report cited a public defender who offered a common excuse for black-on-white murder suspects: Walker “appears to have mental health and substance abuse issues“ [East Hartford homicide suspect in custody, by Jenn Brink, wtnh.com, July 27, 2023].

  • 44-year-old Bobby Smallwood was fatally shot while working as a security guard at a Portland, OR hospital.

PoniaX Kane Calles, 33, formerly known as Reginald Kane Jackson, was arrested. He was fatally shot by police during a traffic stop.

Ashley Heil, race unspecified, who has three children with Calles including a newborn son, said Calles has anger issues, according to kgw.com and had filed a restraining order against him [Suspect identified in fatal shooting of security guard at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, by KATU Staff, katu.com, July 24, 2023].

  • Harvey Jackson Austin, 40, was fatally shot in a Hot Springs, AR home.

35-year-old Jamieon Katreal Hawkins-Nolen was arrested.

Also fatally shot by Hawkins-Nolen was a black male, 40-year-old Joe Nathaniel Hicks Jr.

The media offered no backstory for the homicides [Hot Springs man facing murder charges in double homicide, by Miriam Battles, fox16.com, July 21, 2023].

  • 34-year-old Veronica Smart was fatally shot in Detroit, MI.

Boyfriend Eugene Demarcus McKeithan, 31, is charged with first-degree murder, felon in possession of a firearm, and two counts of felony firearms.

Smart was found unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the head after she had been dumped from the vehicle:

According to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, McKeithan allegedly shot Smart while the couple was in a vehicle at the intersection. He then pulled her out of the vehicle and fled.
[Man charged with murdering girlfriend after woman found dead in Detroit intersection, by Amber Ainsworth, fox2detroit.com, July 24, 2023]
  • Jami Michelle Duncan was killed in Kansas City, MO after being ordered to “line up” by her husband, who then shot her.

Mantonia M. Duncan, 36, was arrested.

Reports say the couple’s son watched as his 39-year-old mother was shot multiple times by his father [Angry husband ordered wife to “lineup’” in the kitchen before executing her while her son watched: Police, by Colin Kalmbaher, lawandcrime.com, July 24, 2023].

  • 46-year-old Silvano Villa Fierro was fatally shot in Fresno, CA.

28-year-old Kelon White was arrested.

White, who has a criminal history and was known to law enforcement, reportedly shot Fierro after a “fight“ in an apartment [Suspect turns himself in for deadly shooting in central Fresno, police say, by Brianna Willis and Matthew Cardenas, abc30.com, July 21, 2023].

  • 55-year-old Scott Bee was fatally shot while working as an armored car guard in Milwaukee, WI.

Police arrested 31-year-old Colby Logan. Logan apparently has an extended arrest history.

A black woman, 26-year-old Toshiana Nelson, has been charged with trying to help Logan.

Logan has not been charged in connection to the armed robbery or shooting, but FOX6 News is naming him because public records—including search warrants and a criminal filing—say he is the prime suspect in the armored truck robbery

[Armored car guard dies following July 13 shooting at North Shore Bank, by TMJ4 Web Staff, tmj4.com, July 24, 2023]

  • 20-year-old David Andrew Brimmer was fatally shot while attempting to drive away from “the scene of an altercation” in Defuniak Springs, FL.

Brimmer’s passenger, Kaden Johnson, also white, was shot but survived. Reports say the two victims—both white—were wearing shorts, no shirts, and displayed no weapons.

Arrested was Sipho Jumaane Bennett, 32.


[Investigators detail Walton Co. murder, by S. Brady Calhoun, mypanhandle.com, July 6, 2023]

  • 39-year-old Misty Lack died after being struck by a vehicle in McKeesport, PA.

31-year-old Brandon Pendleton was arrested.

According to police, witnesses said Pendleton inappropriately touched someone inside a home and Lack started yelling at him to leave. An argument continued outside, with Lack even throwing a microwave at Pendleton’s car. Police say that eventually Pendleton hit Lack with the car, then ran her over in the street [Police: Suspect in deadly McKeesport hit-and-run intentionally struck victim after argument, by Megu Kolanko, wtae.com, June 23, 2023].

Pendleton and Link’s relationship is unspecified.

  • 47-year-old James Craig Koutsky was fatally shot in Deer River, MN.

Arrested and charged with second-degree murder was Nigel Randel Blackburn, 33.

Apparently, Koutsky and Blackburn had a romantic interest in the same woman, race unspecified, in whose house the shooting occurred:

[T]he woman said she pushed herself between the two, heard a loud bang and saw the victim put his hands to his head.

The woman said she then realized that the victim had been shot. The victim then tried to walk upstairs, but Blackburn followed and continued to shoot. The document goes on to say the woman told officers she heard about four more gunshots and that the victim died in her living room in the early morning hours of June 9.

A medical examiner later determined that the victim was shot five or six times [St. Paul man charged with murder following fatal Itasca County shooting, by Kilat Fitzgerald, kstp.com, June 22, 2023].

  • Sonia Zaragoza was fatally shot at a Tucson, AZ motel after a fight involving another man and the suspect.

Zaragoza appears to be a “white Hispanic.”

Arrested was Jevon Darnell Warren Jackson, 46.

The other man, 54-year-old Xavier Morales, was also fatally shot.

Reports failed to clarify the relationship, if any, between the perpetrator and the victims [Man accused in double fatal shooting at Tucson hotel, by 13 News Staff, kold.com, June 29, 2023].

  • Jeremy Smith, 41, was fatally shot at an apartment complex in Muscatine, IA.

Arrested was Andre Brunnett Jones, 20.

Reports provided little backstory to the shooting other than noting that the two knew each other [Muscatine man charged with second-degree murder in Wednesday shooting, by David Hotle, muscatinejournal.com, July 21, 2023].

  • Harris Baysassie, 21, was fatally shot in a restaurant parking lot in Stone Mountain, GA.

Arrested were two teenagers; Tristyn Derriun Mays, 17, and Nyzerrius Carter, 19.

Tristyn Mays

Nyzerrius Carter

Police are searching for others who may have been involved.

[Gwinnett police arrest two teen suspects in Applebee’s shooting—looking for more, by Curt Yeomans, gwinnettdailypost.com, July 19, 2023].

  • 20-year-old Dustin Parrie Jr. was fatally shot while working in Harvey, LA.

The gunman was identified as Willis Thomas Jr., 31.

Also fatally shot by Thomas: Parrie’s coworker, Nakie James Brown, 48, a black male.

Reports say Thomas had been fired from his job at a Harvey shipyard and returned to shoot Parrie and Brown. This lethal violence after being fired is a common pattern: VDARE.com refers to it as a “Disgruntled Minority Massacre” [Fired employee kills 2 at Harvey shipyard before dying in shootout with deputies: JPSO, by Michelle Hunter, nola.com, July 17, 2023].

  • 31-year-old Miranda Sexton’s body was discovered by her family in her Midland, SC home, where she had been fatally stabbed.

Steven Michael Adams, 36, was arrested.

“Adams is charged with murder, burglary-1st degree, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and grand larceny ($10,000 or more),“ abccolumbia.com reported.

A motive for the deadly attack was not available. There was no word if Adams and Sexton knew each other prior, but police called it an isolated incident [Manhunt ends for man facing murder charge in SC woman’s death, police say, by Noah Feit, thestate.com, July 16, 2023].
  • 67-year-old Scott Leavitt and his wife, 66-year-old Shirley Leavitt, as well as 65-year-old Steve Blizzard and 66-year-old Ronald Jeffers, were fatally shot in Hampton, GA.

The suspect, Andre Longmore, 40, died hours later in a shootout with police.

Three police officers were wounded. Media reports offered no motive for this black-on-white mass shooting. There were no indications that the shooter and victims were acquainted.

Justin Robinson told WANF-TV that Longmore entered the backyard of a townhouse.

“He had a gun, he was bleeding, he was naked,” Robinson said.

Robinson said he alerted police officers, who were greeted with gunfire when they entered the townhouse where Longmore had hidden.

[Georgia mass shooting suspect is killed during intense search and 3 officers are wounded, police say, by Jeff Amy (Associated Press), ktla.com, July 17, 2023]

National coverage of Longmore’s killing spree was quite muted. There was, for example, one story in the Regime Media bellwether New York Times, with no pictures of either victims or killer. A naïve NYT reader would have no idea that this was a black-on-white mass murder.

  • 27-year-old Alexa Retana was one of two people fatally shot outside the Ditzy Duck bar in El Paso, TX.

Retana appears white Hispanic. Aaron John, 22, and Andrew James Williams, 20, were arrested and charged with capital murder. They were taken into custody by military police at Fort Bliss, where they reportedly lived. (It turns out they were a private and PFC assigned to the  3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division.)

Aaron John

Andrew James Williams

“Williams and John both produced handguns and began firing into the crowd,“ police said in a news release, according to elpasotimes.com.

The report was corroborated by surveillance video.

Also killed was James Nicholson, 26, who appears Hispanic. Four others were injured [Police identified victims and suspects of deadly Ditzy Duck bar shooting, by David Ibave, kfoxtv.com, July 15, 2023].

  • 21-year-old Jailenee Flores was fatally shot in Evergreen Park, IL after removing a tracking device her boyfriend attached to her vehicle.

Flores appears to be white Hispanic.

Arrested and charged with first-degree murder was Armoni Henry, 21.

Apparently, Henry had secretly attached the AirTag tracking device in Flores’s car and became outraged when she removed it. She had earlier filed for a protection of abuse order against Henry for allegedly threatening her and her family. A manager reportedly saw Henry fleeing the scene [Man Allegedly Killed Girlfriend After She Took an AirTag Off Her Car That he Placed There, by Nicole Acosta, people.com, July 17, 2023].

Henry has a history of domestic violence and was convicted of battery in Peoria County, according to fox32.com.

  • Barbara Mitchell Adair, 59, was fatally shot in Fayetteville, NC.

Arrested were Darren Lyndell Powell, 24, and Hakeem Sincere Jessel Wilson, 24.

Darren Lyndell Powell

Hakeem Wilson


The relationship between those arrested and the victim was not made apparent by the media. Reports did say the incident involved a child custody matter [2 men arrested, charged in shooting death of Fayetteville woman, abc11.com, July 20, 2023].

  • 50-year-old Michael Salerno died after being shot once in the head during a carjacking in Philadelphia, PA.

15-year-old Rasheed Banks Jr. is one of three black males wanted for the crime.

Banks is the same age Emmett Till was when he was found slain in Mississippi in 1955 [Police ID 15-year-old suspect wanted in deadly attempted carjacking in South Philadelphia, by 6abc Digital Staff, 6abc.com, July 21, 2023].

  • 55-year-old Vijayakumar Nair was fatally shot in Columbus, OH.


Reko Hickson, 43, was arrested.

Reports say Hickson attempted to rob Mike’s Carry Out store, owned by Nair. Hickson fled when Nair produced a gun, but then fired into the store through a drive-thru window. Nair died after being shot. Nair appears to be of Indian descent [Police arrest man accused of killing Columbus carryout store owner during armed robbery, by 10TV Web Staff, 10tv.com, July 14, 2023].

  • Marcos Benitez, 49, died after reportedly being beaten and shot in Kansas City, Missouri.

Tyrell Young, 28, was arrested.

Reports say Young suspected Benitez of stealing an entertainment center out of his car while the vehicle was being serviced, There’s an immigration angle:

He felt that the Deceased was playing games with him by pretending to not speak English. He continued to state that he believed foreigners and Mexicans stick together and were treating him in disrespectful ways because he felt like he was getting the run-around.

[Man thought car mechanic stole his stereo system, so he shot and punched him several times: investigators, by KCTV5 Staff, kctv5.com, July 12, 2023].

  • 65-year-old Sterling Miller was shot and killed execution-style while panhandling in York, PA.

Brandon Ellerbe, 30, was arrested.

Police said the elderly Miller was sitting on the sidewalk around 4 p.m. when a man walked past him, turned, and shot him in the head. The shooter then walked away. There was no apparent motive [York police arrest person of interest in ‘execution-style shooting,’ by Ed Weinstock, wgal.com, July 12, 2023].


  • 22-year-old Ari Clarke was fatally stabbed for looking at his male roommate’s girlfriend, police believe.

James Lee Trussell was charged with murder. No mugshot is available, but before his arrest, Trussell was described by cbsnews.com as:

“a black male adult, 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 145 pounds, with hazel eyes and black hair.“

“Police are also seeking a second suspect, 19-year-old Kyrah Tate. She is described as a 5-foot, 4 inch tall [b]lack woman weighing 111 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair,“ thelivingstonpost.com reported.

Clarke was known for his extraordinary musical abilities:

“Ari was an extremely talented musician by the name of YoungRilla, and an extremely talented artist,” said Katlin Nicholas, Clarke’s cousin. “He lit up every room he was in. Everyone loved Ari; it was impossible not to. He was so funny and kind. Just such an all-around amazing guy.”
[Howell grad allegedly stabbed to death for looking at suspect’s girlfriend, Tess Ware, Livingston Daily, July 5, 2023]


  • Rasim Katanic, 69, was fatally stabbed in broad daylight with his own screwdriver while working in Chicago, IL.

Arrested was Bandon Sanders, 33.

Reports say Katanic was working as an HVAC professional on a restaurant rooftop when he was attacked without provocation.

Sanders may be linked to the murder of an immigrant 18-year-old, Iman Al-Sarraj, whose remains were found in the suspect’s refrigerator.

“I’m hoping it’s just these two bodies,” Katanic’s daughter reportedly said.

Sanders was earlier arrested at a Motel 6 in Great Falls, Montana, where an employee had reported seeing him sitting in the parking lot while his German wife “entertained multiple male guests” in a room.

Katanic was a refugee from the Bosnian War [Police arrested a man in a fatal stabbing. Then they found a teen’s body in his fridge, by Tom Schuba and Rosemary Sobol, chicago.suntimes.com, July 24, 2023].



  • Erick Romero, 30, was fatally shot in Houston, TX.

Arrested was George Dennis Western, 29.

Reports cited no motive for the slaying. The incident occurred in an apartment complex parking lot. Romero, who appears to be a white Hispanic, was found in a vehicle [UPDATE: Suspect Arrested, Charged in Fatal Shooting at 1221 Redford Street, cityofhouston.news, July 13, 2023].

  • 21-year-old Caleb Beppler was fatally shot in Johnstown, PA.

Dirk Jones, 42, was charged with murder.

Reports say Beppler was fatally shot during a bar fight. Jones reportedly produced a firearm and fired multiple shots that struck Beppler and his cousin.

Beppler died. His cousin survived.

The incident began with a dispute between the victim’s companion and the establishment owner, reports claim.

“Investigators say the video then shows another man, later identified as Jones, exit the bar, point a handgun into the crowd and fire seven shots, striking both Beppler and the other victim,“ wjactv.com reported.

 [Police release photo of Pa. man suspected in bar shooting that left one dead, another injured, by Sean Adams, pennlive.com, June 22, 2023]


  • 39-year-old Ana Moreno was fatally shot in Dallas, TX.

Arrested was 27-year-old Charlton Porter.

Reports say the victim was with her daughter, 17-year-old Michelle Rodriguez, when she was killed. The two were shopping for the daughter’s prom dress.

Porter was arrested for a different murder he allegedly committed in June.

“Moreno was an innocent bystander,“ fox4news.com reported. “She was struck and killed while driving.“

Apparently, there was a gun battle raging in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas [Arrest made in Dallas murder of woman getting daughter ready for prom, by David Sentendrey, fox4news.com, July 20, 2023].


  • 18-year-old Joshua Cobb was fatally shot in a Lafayette, LA neighborhood.

Shawntravin Sampy, 21, was arrested on murder charges. No official pictures of Shawntravin are available, although you can hear his aspiring rap on Soundcloud, and Louisiana’s prison system says he’s non-Hispanic black.

A Shawntrell Sampy, also from Lafayette, LA, is in the Louisiana prison system owing to a 2018 killing. (His victim was a black female.) We believe him to be Shawntravin’s brother.

[Lafayette teen arrested in Thursday homicide on MLK Drive, police say, Acadiana Advocate, March 2, 2018]

The media provided no backstory.

The shooting was attributed to “an altercation“ [Suspect arrested in Vaucluse Dr. shooting after turning himself in, by Benjamin Schafer, klfy.com, July 11, 2023].


  • 87-year-old Homod Saeidi, a Yemeni immigrant, was fatally shot in New York City.

Thomas Abreu, 25, was arrested.

Reports say the shooter drove a motor scooter through Brooklyn randomly shooting people.

Five were shot. Saeidi was the only fatality.

The victim immigrated to the USA in 1962 and led a productive life in farming and the grocery business. His son said Saeidi “would have a regular morning run for three to four miles, after which he would go to a local park.“

 [Accused scooter shooting suspect charged with murder, 5 counts of attempted murder, by FOX 5 NY STAFF, fox5ny.com, July 19, 2023]


  • 38-year-old Kandace L. Mervin was fatally shot in Johnstown, PA.

34-year-old Michael Lyles Jr. was arrested.

Reports say a 911 call from the victim went silent after a gunshot was heard. An operator heard a child ask, “Who shot her?,“ after which another child is heard responding, “my mommy’s boyfriend,“ apparently referring to Lyles.

Police had responded earlier that evening to a report of a verbal disturbance. Lyles was reported told to leave the premises for the night.

He returned.

Detectives say that when they told Lyles that Mervin was dead, he reportedly “displayed no emotion and acted as if it was all a joke.” A lack of remorse or guilt, callous/lack of empathy, and impulsivity are traits of psychopathy as cited by famed psychologist Robert Hare [’Who shot her?’ Complaint details moments before fatal domestic shooting in Johnstown, by WJAC staff, wjactv.com, July 10 2023].


  • 18-year-old Gabriella Navarrete and Cynthia Santos were fatally shot in Fort Worth, TX.

Christopher Redic Jr., 20, and Brandon Williams, 19, were both taken into custody on murder charges. Other arrests may be forthcoming.

Christopher Redic Jr

Brandon Williams

Navarrete and 22-year-old Cynthia Santos were two of 11 people hit when the suspects allegedly opened fire indiscriminately into a crowd enjoying 4th of July fireworks. Navarette and Santos appear to have been Hispanic. A third fatality, 18-year-old Paul Willis, was black [‘It’s not fair,’ Mother of third Como shooting victim says, by Lili Zhengm, nbcdfw.com, July 5, 2023]. 

  • 32-year-old Colin Michael Smith was fatally stabbed in Portland, OR.

Charged with second-degree murder was Rahnique U. Jackson, 24.

Reports say Smith was stabbed outside a bar. He was reportedly attempting to defend a friend who was being harassed.

“There have already been 45 murders this year in Portland, according to Portland police,“ according to oregonlive.com.

Portland’s 101 homicides in 2022 set a new record as lawlessness spiked after the convictions of four police officers following the arrest of career criminal George Floyd [Man arrested in last week’s stabbing in SE Portland, Oregonian, OregonLive.com, July 8, 2023].


  • 27-year-old cyclist Dzhoy Zuckerman was fatally shot in Washington, DC.

Reports say Zuckerman was shot during an armed robbery. No arrest has been reported.

A 33-mile memorial bike ride was held in his honor by fellow bike-riding enthusiasts.

From neighborhoodscout.com:

With a crime rate of 51 per one thousand residents, Washington has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes—from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 20.

The city has a crime score of 2 of 100 with a score of 1 being the most dangerous.

45 percent of the city’s population is black. We’re going to assume the perp was black [Cyclist shot and killed in Northwest DC, by Dominique Moody, by Mauricio Casillas, and Maggie More, nbcwashington.com, July 15, 2023].


  • 65-year-old Louis Roberson was fatally shot in Houston, Texas.

Arrested was Demetrius Lynell Simpson, 35.

Simpson appears to have been a walking crime spree. He reportedly spent his time on activities such as stealing a gun from a sports store, pawning it for $300, beating up a former roommate, and murdering an elderly, disabled, homeless veteran.

Upon investigation, police found a bomb in Simpson’s home.

Unlike his alleged victim, Simpson was not homeless.

So much for “white privilege.“

 [Man charged in shooting death of homeless veteran in north Harris County also had bomb, records say, by Shelley Childers, abc13.com, July 6, 2023]


  • 46-year-old Brian D. Bitzan was fatally shot during an apparent drug deal in Cleveland, OH.

Arrested was 18-year-old Javion Flenory. (No pictures available, but there are no white drug dealers named Javion in Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood.)

The media provided no backstory [Broadview Heights man killed during drug transaction in Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood, cleveland.com, July 13, 2023].

  • 30-year-old Joseph Pollock was fatally shot in Chillicothe, OH.

Arrested was Cameron Crews, 46.

“[P]olice say Crews pulled up on a motorcycle, nonchalantly opened fire on Pollock, fatally wounding him, before driving off,“ according to sciotovalleyguardian.com.

Reports say Crews has a criminal history that includes prison time for shooting a person, according to sciotopost.com.

“We know there was a disturbance. We are pretty sure drugs were involved and some criminal activity was at foot,” said Chillicothe Police Captain Michael Short.
[Police: Man arrested in connection to deadly shooting in Chillicothe, by 10TV Web Staff and Tara Jabour, 10tv.com, July 7, 2023]


  • 18-year-old Parker League was found killed in Tonto National Forest’s remote Bulldog Canyon in Arizona.

Anthonie Ruinard, 37, was arrested.

“He was found in the pile burning,” said police spokesman Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez, according to nypost.com.

League’s remains were identified by dental records. Reports say he had been dismembered and suffered multiple stab wounds to the back, according to celebcritics.com.

Ruinard was arrested after using League’s credit cards to buy a rifle scope at Walmart.

Authorities believe League may have been targeted due to an expensive watch he was wearing.

The victim lived in Nebraska and was apparently on a hiking trip where he was attacked.

[Body of high school grad found in Ariz. desert bonfire after ‘malicious’ death: authorities, by Yaron Steinbuch, nypost.com, June 26, 2023]


  • Dr. Benjamin Mauck, 43, was fatally shot at Campbell Clinic Orthopedics in Collierville, TN.

Larry Pickens, 29, has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault.

News sources claim Pickens had been stalking staff members at the clinic for weeks. He had been lying in wait for hours for an opportunity to strike, reports say.

WREG Memphis cited Police Chief Dale Lane saying that Perkins was treated at the clinic a few hours before the incident.

Mauck was an orthopedic surgeon who worked at a children’s hospital [Patient who allegedly stalked staff for a week, gunned down Tennessee surgeon in exam room ID’d as Larry Pickens, by Olivia Land, nypost.com, July 12, 2023].



  • 41-year-old Brittany Jo McDaniel was found fatally shot in a Henrico County, VA home.

Arrested were Montreal Javon Robinson, 37, and John Quincy Neal, 21.

Montreal Javon Robinson

John Quincy Neal

The media offered little background information regarding the homicide.

[2 people arrested in Henrico killing, by NBC12 Newsroom. nbc12.om, May 16, 2023]


  • 19-year-old Quincy Mills was fatally shot in Hollister, NC.

Arrested were Zakevion Jaques Hilliard, 19, Eric Devon Hinton Jr., 21, and Devonte Montrell Sykes, 19. A fourth subject is still at large.


Zakevion Hilliard

Eric Hinton

Devonte Sykes


The victim’s father, Walter, found his son shot dead in a vehicle. His father became concerned after his son did not return home at the time indicated, prompting him to visit the house that his son planned to visit.

He found his son slumped over in the vehicle [3 arrested, 1 sought in connection to May killing in Halifax County, by Joe Jurney and Chloe Rafferty, cbs17.com, June 13, 2023].


  • 31-year-old Nasrat Ahmad Yar was fatally shot while working as a Lyft driver in Washington, D.C.’s urban jungle.

The assailants were described as “four boys running.“

Here’s a picture of the “four boys”.

Yar reportedly served as an interpreter for the U.S. government’s special forces in Afghanistan.

Reports say the victim was working 12-hour shifts to meet family financial obligations. With a rent payment looming, he was working long hours the night he was killed.

He leaves behind a wife and two young boys.

In an apparent effort to shift the blame from the perpetrators to guns, news reports repeatedly asserted that Yar was killed by “gun violence,” not by urban savages.

We know better [Man who served as interpreter in Afghanistan, escaped after Taliban takeover, killed in DC working as Lyft driver, by Matthew Torres, Laura Wainman, Rafael Sanchez-Cruz, wusa9.com, July 9, 2023].


  • Deputy Sheriff Tyee Browne, 26, was fatally shot in Cordele, GA.

Arrested was 25-year-old Croshawn Cross.

Browne stopped Cross, who was driving a stolen vehicle. Police say Cross stole Browne’s patrol car after shooting him. He was later apprehended.

According to mymcr.net:

Deputy Wade Kendrick used a PIT maneuver on I-475 to spin out a stolen Crisp County patrol car driven by 25-year-old Croshawn Cross.

Kendrick and deputy Justin Weaver approached Cross at gunpoint. He acted like he was going to surrender, but then put up a fight as deputies approached.

[GBI Investigates Line of Duty Death of Crisp County Sheriff’s Deputy, gbi.georgia.gov, July 5, 2023]


  • Emma Chadwick, 20, was fatally shot in Clinton, IA.

“Her suspected shooter, Randy Jackson, 39, was killed after a Monday night standoff with police in eastern Illinois“  [Clinton woman found shot outside MercyOne dies, by Charlene Bielema, clintonherald.com, July 5, 2023].

Reports say the young white woman was shot outside MercyOne, a Des Moines area hospital.

Chadwick told police she had earlier been assaulted by Jackson and that he was her former boyfriend.

Police affirm that Jackson had earlier shot Chadwick’s mother’s boyfriend (race unspecified). That, apparently, is why Chadwick was at the hospital when confronted by Jackson.

“Court documents state that security video showed a [b]lack male in a white T-shirt and red pants,“ the clintonherald.com report said, offering a rare racial profile of a black homicide suspect.

  • 37-year-old Ilkhom Shodiev was fatally shot in Lathrop, California.

Andrew Christopher Watson, 29, was arrested.

Shodiev was shot on Interstate I-5 while driving an Amazon 18-wheeler.

According to cbsnews.com, “[T]he shooter was in the passenger seat of a car traveling in the same direction as the truck.“

The truck careened off the highway, crashing into parked vehicles and buildings, endangering the safety of others.

Reports attribute the fatal encounter to “road rage“ [Man accused of shooting, killing Amazon big rig driver along I-5 in Lathrop arrested in Manteca, by Cameron Glenn, cbsnews.com, June 24, 2023].


  • 45-year-old Lisa Swift-Bird was fatally shot at a Belen, NM Sonic drive-in restaurant.

Donald Lewis was arrested and charged in the shooting death.

Reports say Swift-Bird had a previous relationship with Lewis’ brother and the three of them had lived together until Swift-Bird moved out [Police release new details on fatal shooting at Sonic, by KOB, kob.com, July 3, 2023].

  • 73-year-old Gloristine Pinkney died after being deliberately run over with a stolen forklift at a Waldorf, MD Home Depot parking lot

Pinkney is presumed to have been white—there are no pictures of her available. 

Bryce Caleb Timothy Brown, 20, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

People Magazine quotes a Sheriff’s Office press release saying “Brown hit Pinkney’s car with the forklift, waking her up and prompting her to get out and run away. Brown then chased after her with the forklift and ran her over before stealing her car and fleeing, police said.“ 

Burglary was the apparent motive.

[Man Charged with Murder of 73-Year-Old Woman Using Stolen Forklift in Home Depot Parking Lot, by Liza Esquibias, People magazine, July 4, 2023]


  • 18-year-old Jacob Carlson was fatally shot at a house party in Gilbert, AZ.


Arrested and charged as an adult with first-degree murder was Zachariah Brandon Ezell, 17.

He was also charged with premeditated murder, burglary in the 1st degree, minor carrying a firearm, disorderly conduct, and endangerment.

Carlson suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died after being taken to a hospital. He appears to be of East Asian ancestry, adopted by a white family [Teen accused of shooting 18-year-old at Gilbert house party charged with first degree murder, by John Tanet, 12news.com, June 28, 2023].


  • Zachery Morris, 25, was fatally shot in Macon, GA.

19-year-old De’Vante Ross was arrested.

Ross claimed the shooting was an accident and authorities, apparently, have taken him at his word. He is charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and Reckless Conduct.

The two were roommates who reportedly lived in a trailer.

[Investigators: Jones County man dies, teen in jail after playing with gun, by Brandon McGourick, WGXA News, May 22, 2023]


White-On-Black Homicides

FBI statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of homicides in the USA are committed by blacks, even though they only comprise about 13 percent of the country’s population [FBI: Crime in the U.S. 2019 • Tables • Table 43]. In 2021, for example, 51.3 percent of “Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter” incidents were attributed to black offenders.

Overall, FBI data suggest blacks are over thirteen times more likely to kill whites than vice versa.

American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor, citing data based on 2021 FBI statistics assembled by anonymous researcher Datahazard, reports a black-male offender homicide rate of 64.4 per 100,000. The equivalent figure for white-male offenders is 3.5 per 100,000 [A Harsh New Light on Race and Murder, Amren.com, March 24, 2023].

That is, the black-male offender homicide rate is 18.4 times higher than the white-male offender homicide rate.

In July 2023, we found only one white-on-black-homicide reported by the MSM:

  • Deving Willis-Smith, 30, was fatally shot in front of children in Omaha, NE.

Arrested was Mark Keesler, 31.

Reports say the death was the result of a gun battle between the victim and Keesler. Willis-Smith apparently retrieved a gun from his vehicle and “was standing in front of a car full of children“ when he was shot:

The office of Douglas County’s attorney was unable to confirm who opened fire first.
[Who is Mark Keesler? Omaha man who fatally shot Deving Willis-Smith in front of his children arrested, by Srinija Grandhi, meaww.com, Jul 21, 2023]

Kenn Gividen [Email him/Tweet him] is a retired direct marketer. He lives in Indiana with his wife. Kenn is the father of two grown children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. He publishes dailykenn.com and abatehate.com. In 2004 he was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Indiana. In 2002 he published The Prayer of Hannah, which sold about 24,000 copies. Kenn is an alumnus of Liberty University.


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